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John F Kennedy Elementary School

JFK is a winner in so many ways…. now they have “WON” an $1000 Service Award from Wells Fargo. I applied for this grant and the school was selected. I requested money for books for the kids I read to — this feels oh so good!!


John F Kennedy Elementary School’s mission? This school is one of 10 elementary schools in the Jefferson School District in Daly City, CA. JFK school has always provided a supportive and multi-faceted education to it’s students. Many of the children have siblings and relatives that have gone to this school over the years. This school welcomes the community and it shows in the many murals that decorate the walls and the Artwork that is proudly posted next to each class.

There are never enough volunteers or enough books. This is a great place to volunteer. The personal reward is incredible! I read to 3 kindergarten classes of 24 students each. The kids are amazing, smart, funny, sweet and interested in the new books. Get involved – volunteer! You can help read or find another fun task. — the editor

The teachers at this school are dynamic, talented and focused on the education of their students. We all really enjoy the Reading First program. At JFK, the community is involved and volunteers are welcomed +donations of books are greatly appreciated. The Library has many great books for all levels. The students are actively engaged in reading, going to the school library and developing their curiosity through books.

Would you like to apply for money or write a grant? KNBR and Wells Fargo have teamed up and are awarding money for schools. Here is the information, click this link.


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