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Frusterated, Aggravated, Pissed Off?

You have your “hot buttons”: late friends, your team isn’t prepared for the meeting, no one brought cash to the event and is said “bring cash” …. oh there are a thousand. But SHOULD THERE BE 1000 aggravations? Who is suffering here? …Surely it is YOU!

Don’t let the little things that bug you pile up. Try a few of these ideas, to keep happier and calmer!!

1. Walk away from aggravation. You can choose this action! Are you starting to lose it because the computer won’t start? Your phone has no charge? People in your life are acting dumb?Try to remove yourself from the situation — maybe with a quick tension-taming walk.

2. Practice gratitude. Get back to the core… you are alive, you have a place to live, you can read this post.

3. Know what will Soothe you. Make a list of what works. Read the list. Take a s-l-o-w  breath.
4. Do the does-it-really matter?  Test your thinking.
5. Look at the funny side. Isn’t most of the “junk” in life rather absurd?
6. Look for an opportunity. Greet the delay with “This is my time.” Try a walk.
7. It doesn’t NEED TO BE PERFECT.  Try to keep expectations realistic. If the thing you are doing NEVER comes out perfect, don’t repeat the aggravation, just realize that is HOW IT IS.
8. Prevention.  Head  off the mess before it happens. Think it through. Have a set place for keys. Put birthdates in a book.
Or are you flustered every workday morning? Try picking out your clothes the night before. Pack your lunch. Organize your briefcase or workout bag.                                                              

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