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Mere Polls are Passé, Big Data is the Answer

Passé! Do you really want to know what your customers think? Do you want to know how voters will vote?
You can rely on age old check-out data at the register. You can rely on exit poll data. But if you really want to do some predictive analysis and understand WHY something happens, take a look at BIG Data.

According to Norris, the true benefit of big data analytics is in combining data sources.
“If you were looking at just the social media activity of potential prospects out there, you can find some trends. But if you pair that also with your customer information and your customer purchases, you have got a richer view. And then if you add weather data or location information, you can look at different trends there. Source: eBook: Tap into the Power of Machine Learning Democratizing Data Science through Automation

Now you can use AI – Artificial Intelligence to enhance the predictive capabilities of the Big Data. The cutting-edge cognitive computing analytics will help you evaluate. There is no problem with storing the mountain of data, it can go in the cloud. You can share your data, and then collaboration and developing insights is easier. Simply require organizations to grant providers access to their data.

Why did Hillary Clinton pay for 60 mathematicians, and spending $60,000,000 (yes, million)  on ads in June alone?  It wasn’t a mistake, her team wanted this type of ESP-like intelligence to get all the votes possible. Big Data and developing the type of predictive analysis that can say “use This Word, not That Word” is here.  Feels like Big Brother.


Speeches will mimic what people want to hear, it will feel like a politician is talking  just to you. However, the words are generated by a careful review of how humans communicate, what they expect and what feels good.  Someday soon we will say “Is it Real?”. Some politicians will sound robotic. (Almost) We will have to learn when we are being manipulated.  Honest Talk…. may be a rarity.  Certainly, every speech will be scripted and put on the prompter. Politicians can act real. After all, Newscasters on every TV network have been doing this for years.

I’ve been writing and learning about Big Data for years, it can be an amazing tool for understanding.


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