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Social Media Pitfalls

Don’t throw your company in the MUD by using social media inappropriately.

  1. Understand the hashtags you use AND their history!
  2. If something you post goes astray and is linked to unfavorable posts, make a sincere apology.
  3. If there are threats, ugly language or insults on a thread of posts, REMOVE THE POSTS. Don’t wait.
  4. Monitor your social Media presence, especially when linked to your website.
  5. Don’t think you can jump on to a trending post and “hijack” the readers to your corporate goal.

Example:  The hashtag #WhyIStayed was being used after a video of Ray Rice punching his then fiancée  led to his termination from the Baltimore Ravens. Women used the hashtag to discuss abusive relationships. however, DiGiorno Pizza hijacked the hashtag didn’t get the basic thread and wanted to share in the media blitz.  They added a  tweet using “#WhyIStayed You Had Pizza” … what a mess…. their lack of thinking it through led to a backlash against the brand on social media.  (Source: Fast Company)


When bad press happens, be especially vigilant. Use tools to check on your posts, responses, not Automated Responses, but considered human responses.

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