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Putting Our Heads Together – Collaboration

Artists, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Architects, Innovators! We all want to believe that if our work is good enough, we’ll be recognized for our creative genius. Whether as artists, entrepreneurs, or employees, we believe success is mostly a meritocracy. It isn’t. Who you know matters, and without the right connections, even the best work won’t get noticed.

But this isn’t just about the importance of networking—it goes straight to the heart of the creative process. We’re often led to believe that creative minds toil alone in a cabin in the woods or stuffed away in some laboratory, too busy to be bothered

“You might wonder,” creativity expert Keith Sawyer wrote in his book Group Genius, “Isn’t the individual mind the ultimate source of creativity? Doesn’t each creative spark come from a single person?”

Not exactly, says Sawyer. Creativity is always the result of collaboration, whether it’s intentional or not. In my study of successful creatives today, I’ve identified three kinds of collaboration that every creative person needs in order for their work to succeed and influence others.

  1. A Scene – what’s happening where you live and work? Think of Nashville, or Sedona, or NYC!
  2. A Network – having someone that will advocate for you, back your work up, sound off about your merits really is the formula for success.
  3. A Community – do you have a supportive group that will jump in and help? Critique, arrange funding, encourage, read your manuscript?

An Excerpt from a Fast Company Article that inspired me!

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