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NPower does Good Deeds and We Win!

NPower is worth watching or better yet, worth connecting with! They provide training at various colleges all over the USA focused on the needs of Veterans and underserved youth.

To promote its newest launch, NPower had a great networking event on September 15th held on the USS HORNET.  We got to mingle and it was a GREAT opportunity for  Customers and Partners to learn more about the various training programs and more about the ServiceNow talent that have been trained!



We met several highly qualified veterans that were ready to get started on their next new mission. Their training in software engineering, testing and data analytics is just what is needed.


NPower’s  work doesn’t stop with training, they partner with others to  gather the best teachers, to deliver hands-on training that is RELEVANT to the workplace so the graduates of the courses will be highly sought after. With this great outreach, our Vets can use their talents of teamwork, decision making, drive and determination in the private sector, or government!

We could put them to work in our Technology group, on the pesky systems issues, network, apps development and service work that are prevalent in every technology job I have been in during my career.


Do you need an intern? Would you like to add some fresh ideas and skills to your group?

Personally, I really enjoy working with our military vets. I started out with EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and they focused on hiring from the Air Force. It was easy to see why! Our teams were fearless, focused and ready to make a difference. I wish NPower the very best continued success. — the editor

Another great class in ITIL is starting at College of Alameda (Alameda, CA). This is a great school and a beautiful location. The students will come from all over to learn, and after 8 weeks they will be qualified to work in a well-paid, dynamic industry with people that will certainly appreciate their skills.  They are partnering with Robert Half and this is a beautiful collaboration.

Technology Service Corps builds brighter futures for underserved young adults and veterans through free technology and professional skills training. The program includes technical classes, mentoring from business leaders, internships and career development workshops at leading corporations and nonprofits, industry-recognized certifications as well as employment and alumni services. More than 80% of our alumni are employed or pursuing higher education within one year of graduation. Find out more.

The Community Corps is a skills-based volunteering program engaging technology professionals with high impact schools, innovative nonprofits, and our own custom opportunities.  Our tech volunteers work hand-in-hand with schools and nonprofits across North America to help them use technology more effectively and inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals. Our services are available via our online platform and free to individuals, nonprofits and schools. MORE DETAILS 

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