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Getting Great Recommendations on Linked In

It’s good to have recommendations for your work on Linked In:  

  1. First of all, the recommendations highlight skill sets that are a priority for the company or contract.
  2. These skills may not be what you have listed so they add a new dimension to your work persona.
  3. You are not bragging, someone else is complementing.

It is GREAT to ask for recommendations:

  1. Some of us need practice in asking for what we want – clearly, without stumbling, without waiting for an offer and without apology. This is a VERY important skill.
  2. “People say the darndest things”…. so help your reviewer by offering a suggestion of what you are looking for.
  3. Tell your potential reviewer about the job you want to be recommended for.  Offer a couple of skills you’d like highlighted.

    For example, you could say, “I am applying for the position of videographer at the SeeMe company. Would you be able to write a short recommendation that highlights my skills in the video project we did a few months ago?”

  4. Sometimes your request will be declined. It’s not the same as being rejected. Don’t be offended. The responses my be, “I’m not working right now” or “I’m not able to do that.”  or “We have a company policy about NOT  giving recommendations.” or “I am way too busy.”  Any of those answers are fine, don’t take them personally.
  5. Some people forget your request. One “Friendly Reminder” is OK, really. Just do it.  Make sure to provide the link to recommend. Make it easy.
  6. Renew your efforts,  you’ll need to ask additional co-workers.  However, do make SURE that the person you have asked knows how to input a recommendation into Linked In. Another words, try recommending someone yourself.  If you do it, you’ll understand more about the hurdles.
  7. Getting Recommendations is critically important during layoffs. Ask the most talented and connected coworkers for recommendations. Put an element of urgency into the message. “I will be leaving this position on xx/xx/xx and I would really appreciate your support by recommending me on Linked In”.  The same holds true for transfers to a new area.

Here are some quick steps:

  1. Go to your Settings and enter your password.
  2. Click Manage your recommendations.
  3. Find the position you’ve requested the recommendation for and click Manage.
  4. Find the person you want to remind.  You can add a personal encouragement, like Just checking in….  or  Friendly Reminder on the top line.
  5. Click on Resend next to the name.
  6. Edit the outgoing message and hit Send.

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