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Reading Group… at work

This is a great way to have a “get to know you event”. We have a book reading club. We suggest books and pick just one, short books have a *bonus* (favored by the group), but we have picked such a variety of books in the last 2 years.

We find reviews that  describe our first pick, then we vote. It is easy and fun, inexpensive but interesting. We seem to alternate from hopeful to historic, easy reads to mysteries.  Some members want books on Kindle, others want popular new books or are focused on a particular author.  It’s really good for us, an easy hour, that we look forward to having. We make it no stress, and read/review a book every two months.

Our current book isn’t a book at all but rather any book from the Judge Dee series. This will be fun, we haven’t read the same book! Here is a sample of what we are reading.

Chinese Murder Canton1.jpgThere seem to be Judge Dee Google books and other eBooks. ALSO, please let me know if you would like to borrow a Judge Dee book to read. They are fun. … Translated to English by Robert van Gulik. And now they are available in Amazon, for years they were “rare” but now many of the books have been reprinted.

These wonderful mysteries are based on a Chinese magistrate in the Tang Dynasty China, with wood cut block print pictures. Each of the characters has a role in each of the many books. It is a bit like Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mysteries; easy to read, and with many of the folk ways set in this time period.   Judge Dee (Wikipedia)


Other co-workers get involved and suggest their favorite books too:

From Tim: These are the ones I liked best

  • East of Eden – Steinbeck
  • City of Thieves – Benioff
  • Into The Wild – Krakauer
  • Catch Me If You Can – Abagnale
  • Disrupted – Lyons


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