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From English-only to Embracing a World of Languages

Wouldn’t it be great to put an ear piece in your ear and translate foreign languages in real-time? Why?

Many reasons, here are a few:

  • Increase understanding in selling technical items.
  • Essential in explaining simple financial processes, deadlines, and changes.  (For complex processes, I’d rather have a translator, but this method could help customers find already translated materials or understand the “next step”.)
  • Adds to a great customer experience!
  • Customers wait long periods of time to speak with a bi-lingual customer representative.
  • Bilingual workers help customers reach their goals, and break language barriers.

The technology for this has been in the works and looks like it’s possible to do so. The ear piece translates the language in real time.  Any representative may assist the customer, and both end w/smiles on our faces!  A Breakthrough!

Pilot earphones act like much like “Babel Fish in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ ” – they let two people who speak a different language understand each other.

The gadget will launch to translate between English, French, Spanish and Italian in Autumn of this year.

Just thinking …. that it would really help to employ more bilingual people in every business, and for this technology, bi-lingual workers could use it to full advantage. As for letting two people understand each other…. that often fails when both speak the SAME language!   — the editor

Also Check this company out- Bragi.   www.bragi.com/

Bragi – experience the world’s first wireless smart earphones. Bragi is developing discrete virtual audio assistants that enable, protect and entertain you.

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