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Be A Better Listener

Humans have an average eight-second attention span. You’re going to need to do better if you want to get things done.

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“We are living in a time when it’s more challenging to be consistently aware and intentional because so many things are demanding our attention. Our brains haven’t caught up to the technology that’s feeding them,” says Scott Eblin, author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative.“The impact of this leaves people in a chronic condition of fight or flight.”

  1. Listen to Learn
  2. Quiet your Agenda
  3. Get engaged and active by Asking More Questions
  4. Are you talking or listening? You want to do both. Pay attention to this ratio.
  5. Practice reflective listening. Repeat back what you heard. Request confirmation that you “got it”. This is harder than you think!!
  6. DO NOT interrupt! Hard, I know.

“The most difficult component of listening effectively is waiting for a period at the end of a sentence before formulating a reply.” –Leslie Shore, author Listen to Succeed

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