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Essentials – in a Webby World

Future-Proof Your Learning With HTML5

Why do you need this? Maybe you are a writer or a business analyst or a talent development professional…

IS it really  important that you know this markup language?  Beyond the fact that almost all digital content uses HTML5,

Mark Lassoff, president of LearnToProgram Media and Punk Learning, gives us a few additional reasons why learning the program is important to you, and your career.

Back when I learned it, I would have never guessed that HTML would be essential, it was fun to understand how web pages were built and be able to fix them when needed. But HTML was required for my gig at Oracle (though they didn’t event mention it) and has come in handy on my blogs many times. It helps me understand why things break in online content. THIS leads to less “hair-pulling” issues. That’s worth it! — the editor

On a macro level, he explains, HTML5 is part of modern digital literacy, and knowing the code “makes you a better consumer of digital content.”

On a micro level, many authoring tools are writing HTML5 in the background so that learning materials can display on multiple browsers or mobile devices.

Consequently, it is “imperative on learning professionals to understand natively how our content is displayed and how to make it more responsive,” states Mark.

Get started by listening to Mark’s 10-minute podcast

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