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Jobs and Health Care

The crisis about not having consistent portable health care is not a political debate. I know we are hearing a lot of “they did…” or “they won’t…”  between Republicans and Democrats but the political squabbling is masking a bigger problem.


Yes, I know my nephew thinks its just nasty politics, and doesn’t want to get involved. I understand.

However, getting health care for temp workers, contract workers and full-time traditional workers could change the landscape of WORK in America.

This huge issue affects every 18-30 year old profoundly. If you have been looking at jobs for this age group (~Millennials), they are relying on contract work, gigs rather than careers. Their parents look on with worry, wondering WHEN they will ever have a “real job”.


The job landscape has changed profoundly and permanently in many sectors – – working temp is a real job and often preferred by many groups. It helps our workers that are starting out gain lots of experience, find their niche, experience the work rather than applying for grad school in Adaptive Technology or Environmental Science and hoping they will like that industry. (–or be able to find employment with their A.A., B.S., M.A. or other degree). Getting a temp job or a series of temp jobs can be so rewarding. I did this for 10 years, switching to something new every 6 months or so. I had to study, learn new tech and land “on my feet” ready to fix, code, plan in tools I had never used before – but it was thrilling, good, hard work. It DOES NOT work for people with families or health care issues IF there is NOT PORTABLE AFFORDABLE health care available.  Yes, you can go “naked” without care for a while, but not for a decade. It is just too risky.

If we had an innovative plan that worked for me …. I’d go back to contracting. I’d free up my well-paid predictable job, and someone else with kids, dogs and a family would love it. I’d like the flexibility of tech contracts again. Imagine! More work getting done where people are engaged and working the way they want.  More satisfaction, more productivity.

But we have to get portable, flexible affordable health care to make that move. The job market would become much more fluid. And for all the “potential contractors” out there – We’d stop waiting on the sidelines… waiting and wishing… and jump in the big pool of flex-time, virtual work, work-anywhere and live the dream.

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