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Combining AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

For those that love social media and are involved in the interplay of new ideas, there are several resources to learn more. Many groups are using all the tools available to create communications / marketing / white papers that are “on-point” and enticing to their customers and potential customers.

Getting the look and feel “just right” used to be enough, but no longer. Big Data analysis is combined with AI to create everything from web sites, social media posts, to marketing campaigns. Polling, gathering preferences and checking through consumer preferences affect our perception. These engineered statements move into your home, your heart, and they just “feel better”.   You are likely to ADOPT the message, RESPOND to the action item, and JOIN in the conversation. One statement or white paper can be altered over time to create dozens of other communications, just like the TV commercials that are played multiple times in an hour, but at a fraction of the cost (no human writer needed in many cases!).

Or is this all just a way to get you to pay attention and a manipulation of your emotions? Making communication have less “friction” is a way to get the viewer to spend money. Marketers & Advertisers have been doing this for centuries: getting you to buy something you never wanted or didn’t even know about.  Now they can do it faster and better with computer algorithms and AI. This being done now to develop news articles, to test appeal then to refine messages into “facts you believe”.  — the editor

From Accenture: We augment the power of humans with artificial intelligence to help our clients pivot to the new, now. We leverage AI and proprietary advanced analytics algorithms to sense, comprehend, act and learn across the value chain – at unprecedented speed and scale. Our network of over 1800 Data Scientists, Academic Alliances, patented apps and Innovation Labs and Studios rapidly test proofs of concept and accelerate time to market so our clients become industry disruptors. LINK TO ARTICLE

From TechSmith—84% of all marketing communications is predicted to be visual by 2018, and social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

From BrightTalk and Dresner Advisory: The data landscape is constantly evolving, and the proliferation of smart devices, machine learning, and embedded analytics promises to introduce many exciting new breakthroughs in business intelligence…

From ReadWrite: This landscape is our way of visualizing all the disparate pieces of our industry. Our goal is to use that understanding to make more fluid connections between the different areas, driving innovation and deals.

From Pyramid Analytics: Are you considering a self-service analytics solutions? It makes sense. Reducing the dependency on others to gather data and build reporting provides agility and allows you to make faster decisions…

From ATD and Comcast: “A consistent learner experience drives a consistent customer experience, and that’s what the cable TV business is all about…”

Web Strategy by Jeremiah: Jeremiah is a great promoter of crowd sourcing ideas, he develops insightful info-graphics and has seminars to help you understand how ideas and various industries work together.

From the Content Wrangler: You know all those “rules” you were taught in school about “good writing?” They were lies. Our focus today needs to go beyond grammar and punctuation, and towards clarity and understanding. What works for real people? And what really ARE the rules?

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