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Better Customer Experience – whether Online or In Store

Give your customers an excellent IN-STORE or ONLINE experience:

Train your staff to KNOW the products. Product knowledge is essential and often a #1 difference in making your store’s customer experience great rather than just OK.

In 2016, online shopping increased 10.1% with brick and mortar growing only 1.4% (PWC 2017 Retail Trends, US Census, Bloomberg, Strategy & Analysis). Stores must keep the inventory up-to-date, well organized and easy to find. After all, one of the best store attributes is the ability to touch, try on, and have a hands-on experience with how it works. No shipping is also a huge in-store benefit.

Make sure your payment processing is EASY to use and understand. Keep it quick and simple. If in a store, look hard at line wait time. How many customers “walk away”. Same applies to abandoned shopping cats online.

All businesses need a presence online and in social media. Be easy to find. 40% of customers research their purchase online before they buy. Make sure you are there! If you don’t sell online, you can still have a vibrant site with coupons, demos, and examples of your products.

Have LOCAL goods. This is a huge advantage of a store, you can specialize in items that online doesn’t carry or even seem to care about. Providing goods that are unique and local can increase a customers preference to shop in your store. Have items that are unique and not carried in big online retailers.

Have online reviews…. gather opinions. Encourage loyalty. Respond to reviews with THANK YOUS and problem solving messages for experiences that were not up to par!


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