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A Call for Domestic Peace

A Call for Domestic Peace – November 9th  

We are holding a half-day seminar with several non-profit organizations to focus on Domestic Violence, Workplace effects, talks about survival and more.

It is the first time our company has worked to build awareness in a personal way with speakers sharing stories, results, strategies and “words of wisdom”. Many of us learned the hard way, to survive when the odds were against us.  Two great groups will be will us at our event to present to our team members. We have volunteered with them, and they have reached out to help many of us, survive and return to health and happiness.

  • Family Violence Appellate Project  – FVAP is the only organization in California dedicated to appealing cases on behalf of survivors of domestic violence. We are a start-up nonprofit agency whose mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of survivors and their children by helping them obtain effective appellate representation.
  • La Casa de Las Madres  this local well-loved organization makes a difference in so many lives and families in the SF Bay Area. “End the Silence to STOP the Violence.”

La Casa de las Madres    Family Violence Appellate Project

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