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Resolve Work Conflicts Before They Get Personal

Great article on 5 Steps by Fast Company, worth reading. If your co-workers are getting stressed out and snapping more often than helping…. this quick read may add some perspective.

I’ve worked in technology all my life. It is a great career full of complexity and change. We don’t get much training in teamwork, and our biggest value is often perceived as our individual strength. However, when you are working on a complex system and “going home time” has come and gone…. you cannot do it alone. You have to rely on your team, if only for a new perspective. It has always been this way. WE get things done, even for the super stars… there is a “We”.   — the editor

The culture of undermining sends signals of disrespect. This approach not only saps motivation and undermines teamwork, it also lowers the motivation to work extra hours anticipating what can go wrong.  – John Dickerson

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