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Public Speaking – and Doing it Well!

Whether you are speaking to a point in a meeting or presenting a critical project to your team, you DO want to get your message across.  Just being LOUD won’t work.

You want to speak to gain consensus, or educate

or as a call to action, at a minimum!

Making a clear concise statement seems so possible. However, it is always harder for me than I predict. Here are several short resources that will help you and a “shout out” for Toastmasters!  They will have a club near you AND there is a new type of club, with more online, lots of feedback, easier to fit into your day. There is nothing like experience, this group gives you public speaking practice and everyone improves. Your ability to think clearly, organize quickly and present without the UMs and AHs that you often hear …. make your verbal abilities improve.  Give Toastmasters a try!   Not ready for that yet?

Read these articles:

  1. Speaking off script Mind Maps, key questions, story triggers
  2. Improve your Writing and Speaking  Learn to read your audience, don’t repeat so much, chose words

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