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Where is the Exit?

People leaving? in droves? or just a Trickle?

Why leave? not engaged, not having fun, not challenged, disrespected, bored, new industry calls, no innovation, more money, next step, who needs THIS job?

I once worked in a job which made the goal very clear! In the hiring contract said…. “IF you are not having fun, it is time to leave!” I have had many fun jobs, jobs that made a difference and also boring, routine and “never again” jobs.

In this  new report from Ceridian, (survey size 1,602 U.S. and Canadian employees):

  • Over a third (33%) of gen-Xers were actively looking for work
  • 22% of millennials and gen-Z.
  • ages of 18-29 no plans for staying at any job over five years

Use BIG data and analytics to help you figure out your workforce! Keep track of turnover rates. You can use surveys, a Voice of the team thing, or survey monkey. Also track employee referrals. You can change the questions every year or keep it as a standard. Pay attention. You’ll learn something. Make sure to share it with your employees.

Another Great Way to “Pay Attention”:  Exit Interviews

You have a chance to get an honest dialog going, when the employee is going out the door! ASK! Make sure to say that the conversation will be kept confidential. Ask questions, make sure to clarify, don’t challenge. Ask for suggestions. Make time for a description of problems and miscommunications within the company.

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