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For our Veterans, Community Gratitude and Support is Important

Celebrate Veterans Day in a meaningful way

The following are 10 tips* on how to show your support and gratitude and celebrate Veterans Day in a meaningful way:

  1. From sunrise to sunset, display your American flag proudly in support of our veterans.
  2. Pin a yellow ribbon or red poppy to your shirt in remembrance of those who have served.
  3. Gather friends or family and assemble a care package to send to Any Soldier® or Military Missionsand be sure to look up what you can and cannot include.
  4. Can you knit, crochet, or sew? The American Red Cross’s Knit Your Bit provides knitted scarves, hats, and socks for active duty soldiers.
  5. If you live close to a national cemetery, ask the staff if you can take a moment to lay flowers or a flag on a veteran’s grave in honor of his or her sacrifice.
  6. If you have family or friends who have served in the military, be sure to call them and thank them for all they have done for our country.
  7. Support veteran businesses: Find local restaurants or shops that are run or owned by military veterans, and stop in for a bite to eat or browse the shelves to support veterans in your community.
  8. Bring your fellow team members together for a coffee break and take the opportunity to recognize any active duty military or veterans in the office.
  9. If you have friends or family members in the military, treat them to a meal at a local veteran-owned restaurant or at one of the 78 restaurants offering free meals to military personnel on November 11.
  10. Say “Thank you for your service” — this last tip is the most important and should be observed year-round.

*Tips provided by Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. 

Our Veterans deserve respect and a pat on the back. They not only served their country, but continued when they were in danger, when friends died, when the conditions were dangerous, when the hours were long and when our country didn’t acknowledge their efforts. Those that returned home from Vietnam were spit on and cursed, yelled at in the street. Our country was in a very low place.

They performed a duty, a service. It wasn’t often not their choice, put they “showed up“. Despite the Hollywood depiction of war and fighting, our Veterans brought their humanity and desire for freedom into some of the most hellish and destitute places on earth. They brought food, power, bridges and sanitation. People cheered when they came, because oppression was all they had known for years.

You may not KNOW a Veteran, but you can remedy that. Go to a parade on this holiday, Veteran’s day November 11, Thank a soldier in combat fatigues, volunteer at a base, American Legion Post, VA hospital. You’ll being doing a service, you’ll be remembering their service.  They don’t talk about what they did, not even the amazing times when they saved one life or several. My Dad never did, he served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. My son never talked about it either, he was a fire fighter in an area to support troops from many countries. They have stories…. ask a Veteran. You’ll learn a bit of history that is from the heart.  the editor

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