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PenTV Host Dani Gasparini talks again with our Founder and Program Manager On July 30, 2008, Kids & Art Foundation hosted our very first workshop at Pixar Studios in Emeryville. Kids & Art Foundation has come a long way over the last decade, but our commitment to ‘healing the whole child and not just the symptom’ and ‘healing through art’ has never changed.  For families who are navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, the waiting room can be a grim place, full of uncertainty and long journeys. Kids & Art Foundation’s teams of artists and volunteers bring art and creativity directly into these spaces, providing free art activities and positive interactions to the families who are gathered there. The feedback from parents and caregivers is unanimously positive and appreciative

This is a “love note” from Kids&ART! This group really stands out for its ability to combine ENERGY, GOOD Deeds and love into one package. Check them out, and let others know! @kidsandartorg

While we know that the families that we serve experience relief, joy and healing from their Kids & Art Foundation interactions, we also know that many of the outpatient facilities that we serve do not have budgets to help fund programs like ours that are not considered an official part of their facility’s treatment protocol. So, here in our 10th year, we’re looking to ruffle some feathers and ask some tough questions of our hosting hospitals. Until ‘healing the whole child and not just the symptom’ become a value add and an integral part of the ‘whole child in treatment’ organizations like ours will always be dependent on fundraising round the clock. We’re exploring how we can leverage years of positive feedback and collect data showing the benefits of art during pediatric cancer treatment to encourage these programs to embrace and help fund our weekly workshops. We remain creatively hopeful, and determined.

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