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Training loves Videos

There are so many reasons to love videos for training. It’s fun, it’s easy and you can create a video quickly…. but for a GOOD video… you have to work. It is OK to make it look easy, in fact that is probably better because nobody wants to hear you whine about making videos for work (it was wet outside, the light was terrible, the talking head whispered…) so you will have to learn it all, and be satisfied. Videos on YouTube, as tutorials, and as system demos really help our group.

TIPS — Do this:

  1. Know the goal. Make a scripts, practice, time yourself. Know your audience, and ask for reviews before you publish.
  2. Make it short. 2-5 minute videos from your non-Pro camera or phone, or highlights of a system issue is plenty. Really. Get the message across, be succinct.
  3. Use an interesting but not distracting backdrop.
  4. Remember, you don’t have to BE in the video. You can describe the scene, or add focus to the message of the picture. Our most effective videos, show the screen movement & data entry.
  5. Training videos should start General and then get specific quickly. So should storytelling and family videos and so many other descriptive videos. Tell a story. Don’t wander through your topic.
  6. Watch many other videos in the genre you are gearing toward.
  7. Watch training videos and watch the experts “How To” videos.
  8. Get used to critiquing videos, this critical thought will help you do better.

References & Examples:

Quick Critique: Solar Winds an example:

  • Talking head videos about products and services don’t have much appeal. The videography and music are not compelling.
  • Selling on a video doesn’t work. It MUST offer value – think TED talks.
  • Are they excited about what they do? meh. Do I relate to them? no. Do they have a service I need? I don’t know. Hmm. I need to see where they can make a difference. I need to hear a particular problem this company solved, that I have had in my business.
  • Summary: Took awhile to download. Not enough value to me.


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