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Good Time to Update your LinkedIn Profile

Two Reasons to update LI:

  1. Jobs are being added a very fast rate – highest in the last 8 years (msn.com). Boomers are retiring. The economy is booming.
  2. LinkedIn just updated its look, the biggest redesign in years. What are you waiting for? Let’s do some spring cleaning! Get rid of the old stuff, boring descriptions and make your profile your showcase of WHAT you WANT!

“LinkedIn is a place to shape a precise, meaningful, persuasive story about your talents—not a career catchall. Cutting distracting content might feel odd at first, but it’s vital to refining the message you deliver. So really try to make the most of its new streamlined design to wow everyone who visits your profile.”

You have less than a minute to make a good impression on LinkedIn – make it count!

And while you are at it… add the LinkedIn Jobs app to your phone – a quick click to survey what is NEW in your targeted list.

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