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We Celebrate and Honor Asian Holidays and Festivals

Holidays & Festivals

Learning more about other cultures is interesting and fun, it can bring your team together to celebrate their languages, foods, and traditions. We enjoy learning from each other and sharing memories, childhoods, and funny stories of trying to be in style and fit in when you are new to an area.

Holi is one of our team favorites, and there are many places that have a colorful party on Holi. Check EventBrite in your area!

Date Holiday Country
Mar 1, Thu Full Moon Day of Tabaung Myanmar
Mar 1, Thu Madin Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka
Mar 1, Thu Makha Bucha Day Thailand
Mar 1, Thu March 1st Movement Day S Korea
Mar 2, Fri Holi India
Mar 2, Fri Peasants’ Day Myanmar
Mar 3, Sat Veterans Day Timor-Lesta
Mar 8, Thu International Women’s Day Multiple Countries
Mar 17, Sat Bali Hindu New Year Indonesia
Mar 17, Sat Ghode Jatra Nepal
Mar 17, Sat Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday Bangladesh
Mar 21-24, Wed to Sat Navruz Holiday Multiple Countries
Mar 21, Wed Vernal Equinox Day Japan
Mar 22, Thu Novruz Holiday Turkmenistan
Mar 25, Sun Ram Navami India/Nepal
Mar 26, Mon Independence Day Bangladesh
Mar 27, Tue Armed Forces Day Myanmar
Mar 29, Thu Maundy Thursday Philippines
Mar 30, Fri Good Friday Multiple Countries
Mar 30, Fri Holy Friday Timor-Lesta
Mar 31, Sat Bak Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka
Mar 31, Sat Black Saturday Philippines
Mar 31, Sat The Day Before Easter Sunday Macau
Mar 31, Sat The Day Following Good Friday Hong Kong

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