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Enjoying the Lunar New Year

We believe that the Lunar New Year celebration is not complete unless there is a traditional lion dance.


According to customary Chinese beliefs, the lion is a symbol of courage, stability, and superiority. The lion dance has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years and is performed to bring good luck and prosperity to the business for the rest of the year.

Plucking the Green, (Cai Qing), is a traditional lion dance performance. Cai Qing is performed during the Chinese New Year to bring blessing or fortune.

The Lion Dance is so much more meaningful with a performer on-hand to explain the way the lion moves and the symbolism.  Thanks to Gary O. for helping us learn more.  You have supported our Lunar New Year celebrations for years, and we appreciate your efforts!

  • The drum acting as the lion’s heartbeat
  • Cymbals &  gong to frighten away evil spirits
  • The lion might throw candy or pick up lettuce hanging from the ceiling and spitting the leaves out
  • Scattering the leaves symbolizes a fresh start to the new year and spreads good luck.
  • The  lion is presented with lai see (a red envelope filled with money). This is a symbolic act of the lion’s blessing and ensuring good fortune during the year

LNY – we look forward to it every year – especially lion dancing –  with its vibrant colors, dancing, and drumming. It is one of my favorite Lunar New Year traditions.

Lion Dancing through the office
After completing the performance in the reception area, the lion happily danced through the office, going from desk to desk and gathering lai see left by team members, to spread good luck and festive cheer. We loved this, though getting work done was a problem,  it was so much fun!

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