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THRIVE in your LIFE – Women’s History Month

Valuable Strategies To Help Women Thrive

March is Women’s History Month, which celebrates women’s great contributions to society.  Just like the NASA women celebrated in the film Hidden Figures– there are women that are not acknowledged. Everyone suffers for this oversight.

Here is some advice from Women that took the NEXT STEP! Although opportunities for women continue to progress, studies show there are still obstacles at some companies in this country that limit equal pay and leadership roles.

Here are life lessons that some real-life women have learned about thriving in their career.

Be a Role Model

When I first began my career, I immediately noticed the lack of women in leadership roles – most top level positions were almost exclusively male. Seeing this was challenging, but inspired me to become a role model for other women hoping to enter the finance industry. I have made an effort to network with other women in finance so that we may be able to learn from each other’s experiences and encourage each other to shoot for the stars. I recognize that we have to advocate for ourselves if we want to see a change.

Believe In Yourself

As a woman and working mom, there can often be guilt associated with success. Women sometimes feel as though they have to sacrifice or settle. They ask themselves: “Am I a good mom? Am I successful in my field? Is it possible to have success in both?” Absolutely! Dig deep and use these sometimes two competing forces in your life as your source of inspiration and drive. Every day, be proud and show what is possible when you believe in yourself.

Speak Up

At a pivotal point in my career I was asked to take notes in a very important meeting in my manager’s absence. The meeting involved making decisions on the deployment of new technology by the sales team. It became clear as the meeting progressed that the technology and business teams did not understand each other’s needs. I spoke up –even though I normally did not during this meeting– and helped fix a confusing process. Next time the meeting rolled around, I was more involved with the project team and taking notes for myself. Get out of your comfort zone!

Pay It Forward

As you ascend in your career, never forget your own humble beginnings and REMEMBER those that have helped you along your journey. Be nice and always treat others with respect, no matter what job title they may have. Just like someone did for you, pay it forward by taking the time to talk with young people about their career aspirations and life goals.

Live your Authentic Truth

I come from an extraordinary line of wise, black women who taught me to always live my authentic truth. They emphasized the importance of remaining true to myself and reminded me that my voice matters. Women like my mother, who was a teacher in the juvenile justice system, stressed the importance of embracing creativity as a gift from our creator. She also taught me that leaders have the introspection to help others stretch beyond their limits.

Find your True Self First

Time is the momentum that drives our lives; it does not wait for anyone or anything. We are given one life to nurture, cherish and grow as time passes. As we seek to find new meaning in our lives, we should strive to become more knowledgeable, and even bolder. We often become so focused in our day-to-day lives that we tend to forget the secret ingredient to happiness is knowing who you really are. Always remember to find your true self-first, and the rest of your life will be much easier and more fulfilling.

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