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Practice Interviewing Answers using these Questions

Of course, you’ll work hard to build and interesting and accurate résumé. You don’t want to over-think your answers, but you must communicate quickly and clearly. A bit of practice helps your interview go smoothly.

Be ready for these 12 common questions during an interview.

  1. What Is Your Greatest Strength? Know yourself, and make a list – like “enjoy spreadsheets,” “able to multitask,” “good team builder,” “able to teach others”). Then tie each of these strengths to a professional accomplishment. Keep your answers to 60 seconds or less so that your interviewer stays interested – make it a conversation.
  2. What Is Your Greatest Weakness? Prepare a list of weaknesses. For each weakness be able to tie it to a way to resolve the problem. You could say: “I like to get things done. Sometimes I get impatient, but I’m also good at getting feedback on scheduling or constraints.”
  3. Can You Work Under Pressure? This is a moment to learn more. Indicate that, YES, you can and then ask the interviewer how much pressure is involved in the position.
  4. What Did You Think of Your Last Manager? Stay positive. Don’t emphasize your boss’s shortcomings or frustrating behaviors. Try responses like: “I learned a lot from her.” or “We to communicated well and things got done quickly.”
  5. What Motivates You? Focus! Tie your motivation to the work being performed at this specific company. Add: opportunity to learn and grow, working with smart / successful people who are passionate about their jobs, building an organization, etc.
  6. What Do You Not Like to Do? This is a loaded question. One time I answered this question, and ended up with exactly those tasks! A positive reply might be, “I’m the kind of person who does whatever is necessary to get the job done.” OR “I try to do complete the worst tasks (one example) first and get that behind me. I have no particular dislikes.”
  7. How Would Your Boss, Co-Workers, and Subordinates Describe You? Be able to give some examples of the kind of team work you do or leadership skills you have. Remember that the interviewer may ask your references the same question. Contacting your references before the interview and provide them with your resume, discuss your career goals and which activities are most related to the job offered.
  8. What Has Been Your Biggest Failure? Think about this in advance, and perhaps discuss this question with friends and mentors before the interview. If possible, add information which describes how you were able to correct the problem. Don’t end on a failure, but add information on a “learning experience”.
  9. How Do You Feel About the Progress You Made in Your Last Position? Show growth, learning, new skills and relate your example to the position you are applying for. Communicate examples about your value as an employee while still describing positive feelings about your progress.
  10. Did You Have Any Frustrations in Your Past Job? This is a normal part of any job! You shouldn’t claim you didn’t have any. Discuss problems with what you did to overcome them. Don’t be a whiner!
  11. Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company? Do some research! Be ready. There are many reasons. Know their products, policies, and potential for growth.
  12. Why Should We Hire You? How do you fit? What can you do to help this company? This question is actually not about YOU!

You may not get these exact questions, but relaxing about possible answers rather than being tongue tied really helps!

You want to be informative rather than give complicated answers in an already nerve-wracking situation.

Even though it may feel like an interrogation, try to think of it as meeting a new person; be clear and calm.

Take a deep breath! Even if it is a phone interview… make sure to SMILE!

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