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Get Inspired – Volunteer!

The holidays can be tough enough, even when you have a job, good food, friends,  a spouse, and kids + a dog that all love you. Imagine missing a few of these elements… it is much tougher. It might be nearly impossible…. and that’s why I volunteer. I know that I am lucky and I want to give back. I know my time is needed as a volunteer. Volunteering connects me with my community, and brings a big reality-check about how much is needed in our community to keep us all strong and healthy.

I volunteer all year, but during the holidays, the need for volunteers is staggering. I volunteered with 100 team members at Toys & Joy, this is just one of the many programs that is sponsored by Salvation Army. It was so well-organized and beautifully put together  – it was easy and inspirational to help.  Imagine a basketball court filled with tables, stacked with toys. Then imagine hundreds of staff and volunteers, carefully organizing the toys, stacking, bagging and delivering the toys. Add in a top-notch dedicated Manager or Two and you have an amazing event.  We had stuffed animals sitting quietly on the bleachers, tables of LEGOs (more varieties than I had ever seen), tables for baby items, books, art materials, trucks, dolls, puzzles, and much more than all that. This event served 1400 families, mainly in the Tenderloin in SF.

If you want to get involved, consider the Salvation Army.  They have several opportunities, and many different roles: set-up, bilingual translators, food and toy sorters, organizers, and more.  There are volunteer events all year long, maybe you’d like to deliver food to seniors or work in the office. There are many ways to help.  We did this as a team event.

Location:  Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center 240 Turk Street San Francisco CA 94102


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