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Planting Trees is a Team Activity

Earth day/ month is coming, Arbor Day is just around the corner.  On  4/27 in Gellert Park (Daly City, CA), Arbor day is being celebrated with residents picking up a “flag” to put in their yard to indicate where they want their free tree. This is part of the re-greening of Daly City and other cities in San Mateo county. Many trees have been lost to drought, disease and age. On this day, volunteers will plant trees in Gellert Park50 Wembley Dr, Daly City, CA 94015  This park is huge, built for picnics, soccer, baseball, running and community events. It even has a tot lot and club house!

(picture is JFK Elementary School on Price St. Daly City)

Now it is time for the community to give back! Get involved, bring a team and enjoy your community.  We are hoping that this tree planting will be extended to a nearby dirt path…  add a couple trees on the end of the 200 block of Wyandotte Avenue. There is an opportunity to collect money to pay for a bench also…this is the route that the kids take to get to JFK Elementary, wouldn’t that be great? These kids love science and trees and learn about them in school.

This is a great service to add trees to the SM COUNTY landscape. The contact in Stephen Stolte in Daly City. Project Green Space, 650-991-8126 or email sstolte@dalycity.org.

There is a choice of four trees,

  1. Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)
  2. Strawberry Tree (Arubutus ‘Marina’) a manzanita
  3. Peppermint Will (Agonis flexuosa)
  4. Water Gum (Tristaniopsis laurina)


You pick up a “flag” for the tree location and an arborist comes out and plants it. Front or back yard. Must register and request tree.We picked a Strawberry Tree (coast live oak is too big and slow growing though a native).

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