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What could your company do?

We can all do something and so can our companies! We can study other countries or groups and see that they are eliminating single-use plastic bottles. It’s not so hard, and it’s a good feeling to be working for a clean-green company. Our company removed styrofoam cups from break rooms! Then stopped stocking paper cups! Then said bring your own… then added water filtration and filling stations. There were a few timing issues and “Where did I put my cup?” Moments… but it’s so good now! How about your workplace?

Americans have never had much incentive to consume less. But as more Asian countries follow China’s lead in refusing to accept America’s trash, and more US municipalities shut down their recycling programs, this could be about to change.

Refill your Water Bottles!

One CEO, Rich Razgaitis of Denver-based FloWater, makers of new-tech water refill stations sees a silver lining in the, literally, mountains of plastic water bottles coming home to roost from Asia. He says that the end of recycling will force consumers to change their ways. “If we can provide a safe, better-tasting and convenient alternative, consumers are now more ready than ever before to ditch the plastic water bottle, just as they are doing with plastic straws and shopping bags.” Razgaitis adds that, while 77% of Americans might not trust or like the taste of their tap water, there are thousands of businesses, schools, fitness centers, and concert venues already doing something to fix this by providing an entirely new drinking water experience for their customers, employees and students right from the tap and without the plastic.   

In the U.K.– there are already 1,600 refill stations across the country that operate in 13 towns and cities in England and England has pledged to offer free water refill stations in every major city and town by 2021.  In the U.S. and England there are also apps now where people can find free water stations to fill up their reusable flasks.  

Working with the likes of Google, Red Bull, Play Station, Specialized Bikes, Alaska Airlines, YMCA and the Oakland Unified School District, FloWater is deploying its cutting-edge, 7x purification water refill stations that connect to any potable water line and  remove lead, dirt, dust, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants, and enhance the water with oxygenation, electrolytes and trace minerals to elevate the alkalinity of water.

Since its launch FloWater has eliminated the need for nearly 150 million plastic water bottlesand recently raised $15 million in Series B funding to fuel its growth.

Think green, do some good!

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