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Beat Procrastination

As an entrepreneur, you often have to motivate yourself. There is no irate boss… unless it is you. Consider using happiness to turn the blahs around and finish your to-do list. 

Get that job done!

1. List your successes You know that proud, excited, and relieved feeling when you’ve achieved something? To change your self-talk, keep your successes (and the feeling that came with them) top of mind. Make a quick mental check-in with yourself every morning by thinking about one of your successes, whether it’s recent or not. With the help of this exercise, you start your day with the right emotion, and your tasks will feel much easier to accomplish. For example, I will regularly remind myself of small and big successes—a demanding task I’ve accomplished recently or winning a new client contract.

2. Make gratitude a habit Changing the way you feel about your work comes with a bit of practice. That’s why a gratitude journal can be a good addition to your new mental habit. After all, research shows that gratitude is linked with greater happiness. Use a few minutes every day to either write or think about three specific things you’re grateful for in your life. And whenever you feel resentful or bored, remind yourself of how much you can be grateful for. I regularly do gratitude check-ins when I work. I will tell myself how grateful I am that I’ve built my own business that lets me work from anywhere and that I get to work with companies doing amazing things. This habit makes work feel so much more fulfilling, which again helps keep procrastination at bay.

3. Change the way you speak to yourself Finally, to change the way you think about your tasks, you need to change the way you speak to yourself. Think about it: Would you expect others to perform a task if you were constantly reminding them of how little confidence you have in them? Probably not. Speak to yourself as you would to people around you. That’s the only way you can truly change your thoughts, your confidence, and the way you feel about your work.

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