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Lose your Phone?

I lose stuff. Often. I enjoy finding new memory tricks or cool devices that will help me find my purse, phone, dog….

I wanted to let you know about a cool device:  TrackR  This is better than a memory enhancement, it’s the size of a quarter, and you can put it on your computer, keys, TV Remotes, wallets, and yes even pets. It is easy to get started, has a battery that you can replace, and you’ll get an exact GPS location to find you item. It’s thin, light, sold in thousands of stores, and it works. TrackR finds more than 1,000,000 items every day! #AlwaysHaveIt

It’s fun to crowd test, just like “hide and go seek”, except when you are the seeker, you have a big advantage and you will find your person!  It’s easy to think of objects to use this trackr with!

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