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A Re-Use Mindset for Companies

Learning Resilience is a goal of many corporations and many small companies. Following the demands of customers is a big win. It is NOT confined to one industry, but a goal for all. Grocery Stores send excess fruit / veg to shelters and food distribution sites. Clothing stores like H & M recycle worn out clothes – keeping those fibers from the landfill and giving their customers a bonus coupon. Restaurants and Caterers give left overs to shelters. There is a giant surge in recycling and reuse in many industries. How do you get prepared? How to you launch a campaign like this?  Look at how North Face does this!

The North Face Reuse Think Tank: One potential area of inquiry is how to extend the life of garments that are too worn out to be repaired. In a pilot workshop of the Renewed Design Residency, which took place in October 2019, four North Face designer had access to a pile of garments that were beyond repair, and each of them created a one-of-a-kind piece from these scraps. These “renewed” pieces include hooded sweatshirts and jackets that have a familiar North Face silhouette, but they also look like they were inspired by bricolage. My favorite piece from the line is a kimono sweater made from an old puffer coat: it’s chic, with clean lines, giving new life to a garment that would have ended up in the trash. Starting today, four pieces that came out of the inaugural Design Residency will be auctioned on the North Face’s Renewed website, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the North Face Explore Fund, which gives money to environmental nonprofits.

North Face’s Renewed website

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