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Veteran’s Day Recognition

There has been a movement going on for awhile….put the VETERAN back in Veteran’s Day.  And WHO better to acknowledge for service…. our veterans gave up everything, including their fear, to serve our country.

Redwood City, CA started having conversations about this months ago. The American Legion proposed a coffee and doughnuts get-together on November 11. The Lion’s Club got involved to help, and after a bit of contemplation, several other organizations joined: Boy Scouts handed out flags, the Marine Corp set up a exhibition, All branches of service were represented, a band played music for each branch of service, Sea Scouts were on hand, the Fire Departments and Police and several city officials were present to speak, support and help our community. It was an extravaganza!!

Best of all, 6 people that had served our country in the military, became US Citizens. Their stories of bravery and tradition and caring for the US — while not even US citizens — were told. Tears flowed. Big smiles, clapping and shouts of joy from the audience greeted the brand-new citizens as they completed their swearing in. It was the best moment.

Our amazing family of military service men and women were thanked and applauded many times.

So much happened…The pledge of allegiance was said twice, once at the beginning and another time with our 6 USA Citizens leading the pledge. At the end, TAPS was beautifully played by two boy scout trumpeters. If you had not shed a tear before, it was compulsory at this moment!

Redwood City did itself proud, and it started with the American Legion thinking it was about time…. to honor those that give the most.  Thanks Post 105 for starting the ball rolling.

We must do this next year. I’ll be ready to volunteer for event number #2 on November 11, 2010 to recognize our heroes.

The press was out in force, Jackie Speier gave a great speech among many great ones, and so many other stories were told. I liked the  Mercury News article by Laura Dudnick    —take a look.

heart of a soldier

FYI – The address of the American Legion Post #105  in Redwood City is 651 El Camino Real 94063, the phone is 650-207-2265. http://legion.org/

Phone Picture Fall 2012 227

The local Lion’s Club is Redwood City Sunrise, they meet at Bob’s Courthouse Restaurant on Broadway next to the Plaza where this inspiring event took place.  http://www.lionsclubs.org

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