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September is National Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

Be Kind to a Writer! Yippee! We do have a lot to look forward to…. but this is a special occasion. Bloggers are part of this group of course, so lets all pat ourselves on the back!!  Recognition may start with being kind to yourself, you know.  Let’s just say you’d like to be kind, what could you do? You could post a suggestion or comment on a few blogs, you could offer to read a writer’s draft copy, you could say a few encouraging words, you could offer to get a worn out writer a cup of strong coffee. You could rescue the mechnaical pencils in the house that have not been taken apart by the toddler and put in new leads and erasers.

OR you could become a writer! Write a bit everyday, without judgement on your skill level. Ask a writer friend to read a few pages and offer constructive criticism. Take a look at one of the many writing sites, I’d suggest Read Write Web which has inspired me so many times! There are many other ways, join a book club [which are full of writers], go to  a poetry SLAM, participate in a reading/writing workshop! Have fun! Get out your plumed pen and scribble a few verses.

Remember, it took a writer to create those instructions that you depend on to fix your cell, reread your favorite passage, call up a meaningful quote….. sending a hug to all you inspired writers!

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