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Museum Day May 18- Plan an Event

May 18th is International Museum Day!!

Many companies support the arts in various ways. For companies that donate to museums team members are often given free admission to these museums. In some cases, one guest may enter free as well. This can be quite a savings! This is also an opportunity to have a team building event at no cost!

To find out more, you can always ask at the museum Member Services about admission and discounts. You can also ask your HR department which groups or museums have special free days, admissions, or sponsored events for your company. Bring a business card, pay stub  and/or  ID with you so that you can get in.  Target, Bank of America, Bank of the West, HP and Wells Fargo (among many others) have this type of “employee bonus” program.

The museums have changing exhibits and something for everyone’s interest.

To celebrate this special day, here is a link to many museums:

Virtual Museums of the World:  For example there are 163 museums listed on this site just for California.

Try out this example from SF MOMA This virtual museum is available online; the Museum itself has additional exhibits.

San Francisco Bay Area Museums and free days! 

One of our Favorites:  Autodesk Gallery is near The Embarcadero in SF and very interesting, especially for a geeky field trip! location: 1 Market St (One Market Plaza) 2nd floor.

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