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Amazing April – time for an Event?!

April Days to Remember!

The “big deals” this month are April Fools (watch out) and Earth Day. Both have great opportunities for Employee Recognition, event planning and fun.

Of course, April Fools can be a disaster, pranks don’t always come out right. Be prepared for silliness and surprises, make some of your own! What is your company culture like? If pranks are a big part of the culture, go with it and have fun – they were at Apple and so many other tech companies! If the building facilities folks or management would come unglued if you moved furniture or hung silly things from the ceiling, talk to your team! A “heads up” can go a long way to averting pain and suffering and embarrassment!

2  National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
3  Henry T. Wells’ Birthday (founder Wells Fargo),1821  and Tweed Day
5 Arthur Hailey born on this day, English-Canadian soldier and author (d. 2004) 4 No 1 books on the NY Times list.
Walk to Work Day
9   Winston Churchill Day
10   Golfers Day
11   8-Track Tape Day (Does your team know what this is? It’s a  great discussion item for an “innovation” brainstorming session!)
12   National Licorice Day
13  Butch Cassidy, American outlaw, born today (1866-1908)
14   National Pecan Day
15  Taxes are Due and Happy Birthday to Bessie Smith American Blues Singer (1894 to 1937)
16   National Stress Awareness Day (this has Employee Event all over it! Doesn’t it?)
and also National Eggs Benedict Day
17  National Cheeseball Day
18  International Jugglers Day
19  National Garlic Day
20  Look Alike Day
21 Be Kind to Writers Day (bloggers are included)!
22  EARTH  DAY reduce -reuse -recycle
and also National Jelly Bean Day
24  National Pigs in a Blanket Day
25  Administrative Assistants Day (don’t forget this one! Do something nice!)
and National Zucchini Bread Day  and Earth Day!
26  National Pretzel Day
27  Tell a Story Day
29  National Shrimp Scampi Day
30  National Honesty Day

april fools dayapril 15 tax dayearthday

March Days are here!

May Days are here!

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