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Building Trust, Keeping Trust

Everyone has them: PDAs, MP3 players, Blackberries, smart phones, USBs. They can be great, and they can be deadly to your company reputation. What to do? Involve your employees. As an employer you need all employees to be on board with this issue. Malware will do more than slow you down, viruses can compromise data, but what if your customer information is damaged or leaked and you have to apologize? Trust is hard to rebuild.

Handling personal electronic devices at work safely and properly protects both your company’s reputation and equipment.

Consider this: Simply connecting an iPod or Zune to a company computer or using a personally-owned USB thumb drive to store customer information could damage the company’s reputation and negatively impact customers. A device infected with a virus could spread throughout the company network causing a business disruption. Information stored on the device could be used to commit fraud if the device was lost and fell into the wrong hands.

Company reputation is built on trust and every team member has a role in defending it through best practices while at work.  Take  responsibility for managing sensitive information with the utmost care and concern for your customers.

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