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Descriptive Words

Running out of Descriptive Words?!? NOW is a great time to recognize a team member, hard worker, or a person that lends a hand!

Sometimes the perfect word is on the “tip of your tongue”, here is a helpful list from four basic categories and some questions the answer when working on recognition:

  • What is the task that was completed or what problem was solved?
  • What kind of customer service was part of the activity?
  • Is this team member showing leadership or innovation skills to solve the issues they face?
Describe the Task Service-Oriented Describe Leadership Include Innovation
Timely Follow-up Empowering Best practice
Researches Customer-focus Goal oriented Original
Careful Exemplary Role model New path
Add value Stunning Considerate Change
Delivers on time Knowledgeable Communicative Revolutionize
Clarify Problem solver Caring Transform
Reduce time needed One-stop Acknowledged Update
Streamline In the loop Concise Lead the way
Consolidate Focused Supportive Develop new method
Ask questions Pleasant Team focus Extra mile
Above standards Exceed expectations Responsive Raise the bar
Review Well informed Accommodating Not typical
Develop process Conversant Encouraging Receptive to new ways
Analysis Ideal Alert Creative
Scrutiny Pursue Advocate Over the top
Faster than expected Resolution Carefully listened Improved
Looked at all issues Discuss alternatives Collaborate Updated
Assess Ideal Promote Modernize
Vigilant Valuable Diversity focused Renewable

Describing a co-worker’s excellent efforts can be difficult, but here are some more words that might help start sentences or begin additional descriptions.

It takes time to add descriptions and details, it makes Recognition so much more meaningful.

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