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Elder Care, Do you know your Team?

When someone in your team has a baby or adopts a child, there is a cause for celebration. A great deal of support (hopefully) is available for the new parents in the workplace and with their family and friends.
Not so for elder care!  This is often a hard time in life where family members must pitch in and don’t, your team member may not have the skills , time or knowledge to understand what to do, in short, providing elder care is downright stressful.

  • Do you have team members doing this now? Does your company support them?

What can your company do, and why? The answer is …when an employee is pulled in 10 directions and trying to handle this huge task alone, they are not effective at work. There are many ways a company can help:

  • Aging Seminars
  • Support Groups
  • EAP – Employee assistance plans
  • Flexible hours
  • Work at home
  • Reduced work load
  • Time off, leave of absence for critical times and family support

History, more information  and opportunities  for employers, employees

Elder Services became more visible  in 1997 with research into how best to serve the 77 million baby boomers who would move into the over-60 population over the next three decades without incurring unnecessary levels of risk.

One surprise: In a recent survey of banking customers, they listed life-management issues—not financial needs—as four of their top five wealth priorities; these focused on:

  • Elders wish to stay in their homes
  • Elders wish to live independently

Many companies are developing  programs that addresses both wealth and life management issues at the same time. To meet the elder goals, there are several facets to explore and changes to put into motion to help the elders in our families. Top areas to consider are: making homes safe, updating homes with equipment and enhancements to make security and safety easy to monitor, providing nutrional counseling, getting financial forms in order, making sure that health / financial / legal forms are completed (updated) such as wills, trusts, medical orders, powers of attorney, planning. This process is a long one, and priorities do change. There are services to help family members deal with hospitals, long term care, home remodeling and financial / legal services.  Make sure to check out any services providers / contractors and get references, and set milestones and review work often.

“It’s obviously important that we address these issues because they are what matter to our clients and their life goals,” a local banker mentioned. “When we go to clients and try to discover what they are dealing with in their lives, we learn about a lot of different things. That’s where the cross-selling opportunities come in. It all starts with listening and better understanding their lives.”

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