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Giving Feedback

Speak up! Well, it isn’t always that easy, right?!  I have been a part of so many consumer panels, idea banks, QA sessions, and Team member surveys it makes my head spin. I continue to join in, because my comments might make a difference. So I am always honest on exit interviews (it can be brutal and difficult) and hope that putting my comments on paper, survey or in a conversation actually works. There are many ways to make sure your feedback makes a difference:

  1. Choose a receptive time
  2. Be clear, give an example
  3. If possible, describe the problem and pose a possible solution
  4. Be timely, it doesn’t help if the problem is a distant memory

I’ll share this  blog article, “The Art and Science of Giving Good Feedback“;  it has come up with a list of top feedback ideas and I suggest you check it out. The first one, is the kind of encouragement a new manager needs to hear: Keep it RealYES!  False praise and inconsistent, poorly thought out criticism will have your team walking in circles muttering.  AND I’d like to add, if you have negative feedback on a project or individual effort, don’t hold it in until you explode. Give guidelines, evaluate progress, your feedback should not be a surprise or seem  “out of the blue”. Do your team a favor, TELL THEM when they miss the mark and work together to ensure success the next time around.

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