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JUMP Around!!

Sitting is a killer, GET UP AND MOVING!! The simple act of WALKING  boosts your metabolism, helps you get ready for the next task, jump starts your creativity. Take your team on a “walking meeting”, schedule a walk to the farmer’s market during lunch, get outside and start energizing.

INC. has a great article with advice for the sedentary office worker!

Healthy employees make for more productive employees, for instance. One Australian study found that “the healthiest employees are nearly three times more productive while at work than the least healthy—140 effective working hours per month versus 45 effective hours worked per month.”

Have you heard of RX Nature…. that’s when your Doctor prescribes a course of  (not antibiotics) EXERCISE to help you stay healthy. This is serious business for companies. Lost work time, low performance, and exhaustion can all lead to mistakes and company doldrums. Here is another inspiring article from INC. on steps you can take.

Getting rid of stress by moving is the perfect recipe for better health! I’m going for a hike right now. Hope to see you on the trails!

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