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The Heart of a Soldier

Went to see Heart of a Soldier tonight, about 9/11 and so much more, about patriotism, preparedness, service, warfare, training. It is an Opera! It is debuting in SF. There was such a community spirit in the theatre, there were people there from all branches of the military. It was a heart wrenching and inspiring true story.

heart of a soldier

It spanned one soldiers life from WWII and being a little scared boy befriended by yanks in Cornwall in 1944 to 9/11. I don’t know how they were inspired to produce it, but it was like a sensory explosion for me. The set and costumes were so creative and well done; they enhanced the story and made you feel part of the time frame. This amazing performance made me cry big crocodile tears, especially when the firefighters ran in and up the stairs of the tower. It honors the hero Rick Rescorla, and so many others. The portrayal of what our combat troops go through in Vietnam is particularly moving as the history of the hero is described through his life.

BIG THANKS to Dr. Bryan Baker, Music Department of College of San Mateo, for making sure we didn’t miss this great performance.

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