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Many Ways to Say Thanks!

It is time to take a moment to say thanks.

Maybe you could take a month to say thanks, or you could keep saying thanks everyday! Gratitude is a gift to your own soul.
HOW to start?

open hands
There are many ways, since I have a few favorite places to volunteer I will list some ways to “get involved”. Think of it as the BEST kind of heart exercise.

  1. Build volunteer efforts into your life. Try to go every month. Pick a great group and contact them about volunteering. Many groups have volunteer training days and you can learn everything you need to get started. Take a look at Filoli’s program. ¬†Enjoy this short youtube on Filoli the most beautiful garden in the USA.
  2. Find your passion through volunteering! There really is something for everyone! College of San Mateo – KCSM JAZZ 91.1, needs help in digitally rendering a room full of vinyl records, KQED has a pledge drive and loves volunteers, American Legion Post 105 has dinners and partners with the Boy Scouts to feed a large happy group in their hall.
  3. The Red Cross accepts cash during disasters or anytime. That’s easy. Send a check…. Done!
  4. Donate your gently used items (please look at this list of  places to donate ==best and worst).
  5. Get Outside! Get Active! Save the Bay, REI, and many hiking trails groups have service days. What fun!

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