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Jacqueline Smith is the editor of this site. Happily many people contribute content.  Together with other writers, she manages to deliver current content with practical advice.

Jacqueline  has worked on many recognition and HR programs through the years for various San Francisco Bay Area Companies.

Several small companies and many large corporations have tremendous employee recognition programs that help individuals stay inspired, motivated and hard working.


These are the smart companies because RECOGNITION and TEAM BUILDING keep productivity UP and employee dissatisfaction DOWN.




Recognition affects: 

work quality  * work engagement  * motivation * trust * willingness to change!


The bay area has so many innovative recognition programs — some of the great successes are chronicled here.

Recognition programs need care and feeding. The value needs to be measured and shared will all employees. Sadly, some companies have “dumped” their award programs, citing “tough time, and tight budgets”.  Jacqueline knows the value of strong reward programs and the dramatic increase in loyalty, synergism and collboration that occurs when teams and companies are “built” at the same time!

  • Catch your teams doing the right thing
  • Reward your superstars
  • Retain your best people
  • Make “work” an INSPIRED place to come
  • Help your employees understand what you value along with hard work and committment!

Many companies are looking for easy methods to keep recognition and team buiding efforts going. There are dozens of tried and true methods here. These ideas work!! Even if you are a one-person company, learn how to pat yourself on the back! These suggestions will work for companies big and small.

Become Inspired!  Bring more life to work!  — Jacqueline Smith

From Me to YOU!!

Jacqueline Smith
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