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How to Be a Post-Ego Leader

Author: Courtney Lynch, Lead Star Partner

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I was recently talking with a colleague about what it takes to succeed in a demanding role. She shared that she thought the successful leader would have, “high competence, medium ego and be low maintenance.” I chuckled at her witty criteria for doing well in a high-profile position. I clearly understood the high competence and low maintenance parts, but I questioned her about what she meant by medium ego. She said, “Well, you have to have enough ego to know that you are capable and can confidently get the job done. That amount of ego gives you courage to try.”

I often come across professionals who are high ego and high maintenance to the point that it becomes a barrier to their competence. They consider themselves very important and at times believe their needs are the most important ones. This mindset isn’t consistent with being an effective leader. Leaders who are “post-ego” care more about solving problems and helping others succeed than being recognized for their greatness. They are willing to sacrifice personal wins for team victories.

I believe that our world needs more post-ego leaders and I challenge you to become one. Consider incorporating the following into your leadership style: Shift Your Focus Away from Personal Accomplishment.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the pursuit of status, notoriety and prestige. Post-ego leaders are beyond that chase. They have moved past the need to be affirmed by achievement, though they once may have experienced a season of life where climbing the ladder of success and experiencing “look at me” moments was a thrilling pursuit. Being able to REFLECT on your past and recognize the times when your life was oriented toward personal accomplishment is a key attribute of being “post-ego.”

Shift Your Focus Away from Personal Accomplishment. It’s very easy to get caught up in the pursuit of status, notoriety and prestige. Post-ego leaders are beyond that chase. They have moved past the need to be affirmed by achievement, though they once may have experienced a season of life where climbing the ladder of success and experiencing “look at me” moments was a thrilling pursuit. Being able to REFLECT on your past and recognize the times when your life was oriented toward personal accomplishment is a key attribute of being “post-ego.”

Be Others-Centered. I’ve observed that leaders who are truly beloved by their teams are the same people who share with me that they find life a more satisfying, joyful experience when they are OTHERS-CENTERED, instead of self-centered. One CEO described it like this, “I have much more resilience to deal with inevitable setbacks and failures because I care more about the success of others than myself. It’s not personal anymore. I know that the lows are just a part of what you have to go through to lead people to a better place and a better level of performance.”

As leaders, confidence is important. Be cautious though, there is a fine line between a healthy amount of ego and arrogance. Challenge yourself to truly elevate the importance others have in your life. When you find that you are leading purely for the good of the team, magic happens.

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Reuse Cherished Tees

The average American trashes 65 pounds of clothing per year. Now, here’s a new solution to reusing those well-loved t-shirts.

Project Repat has kept 9.6 million shirts about of the landfill (sports, concert, college, marathon, souvenir shirts, etc.) and creates beautiful new quilts – using patches from those same items. It’s a great way to actually use nostalgic clothing you no longer wear. EASY – choose a size, send your t-shirts. Get back a useful beautiful gift for yourself or a lucky family member!

Keep warm this winter!

There are several sizes available and start at $75, take a look at how many t-shirts you have to estimate a size, from Lap size to Twin, Full, Queen, King.

Contact Repat – link

Imagine the memories of all your Rocker t-shirts or favorite team shirts made into a quilt! Soft and warm too! – the editor

Get Physical for Peak Mental Performance

Entrepreneurs face considerable mental and emotional challenges, making decisions every day that will hopefully pay off for years to come.

So you probably know that exercise helps you perform better under stress. That exercising at moderate intensity for twenty minutes elevates your mood for up to 12 hours. That exercise increases the production of a protein that supports the function, growth, and survival of brain cells.

And that exercise is one of the 5 daily habits a 30-year Harvard study shows can not only increase your lifespan by 12 to 14 years, but also cut your risk of Alzheimer’s in half.

But what you might not know is that a new study reveals a definite link between physical fitness and improved cognitive function — resulting in improved memory, reasoning, sharpness, and judgment.,

American Legion Posts 105 and 82 Celebrate 100 Year

Redwood City Post 105 and Post 82 have been a loyal service-oriented part of the SF Bay Area community for veterans and their families for one hundred years! Established in 1919! Please join them to celebrate!

You are invited to the Big party to celebrate on Veterans Day November 11th and on their centennial birthdays on Saturday, November 16th. If you’d like to help with set-up or volunteer at these events, please let them know. This is a fun place to volunteer and you certainly will be kept busy.

Location: 651 El Camino Real. Redwood City CA 94063

For more information please call— Commander of Post 105 Romie Bassetto 650-207-0426

American Legion Post 105 in RWC on El Camino Real

About Post 105:  650-365-1337 or email post105rc@aol.com   Website Hours:  Mon-Thursday 9am – 12noon. Friday 9am – 1am Saturday 9am – 8pm; Closed Sunday.

EventBrite link  View Map  Open to the public. Dress Code: Formal.  $65

Getting involved:  If you’d like to help with set-up or volunteer at the Post 105 events, please let Romie know. This is a fun place to volunteer and you certainly will be kept busy.

Angela Duckworth- Grit!

You’ve got to read this book! It’s not just talent that brings success but meeting the struggle …. digging in and continuing the race / challenge / project! Another words GRIT!

Filled with inspiring examples, good advice and clever tips you’ll love it. The work stories are wonderful. She has developed a Grit scale to determine your “gritiness” which will make more sense once you read the book, but basically it is how you take your TALENT, and your wiliness to work at building skills and combine it to becoming accomplished over time. GRIT SCALE HERE Enjoy the YouTube of this book (2016). 52 minutes

Filled with inspiring examples, good advice and clever tips you’ll love it. The work stories are wonderful.  She has developed a Grit scale to determine your “gritiness” which will make more sense once you read the book, but basically it is how you take your TALENT, and your wiliness to work at building skills and combine it to becoming accomplished over time.  GRIT SCALE HERE  Enjoy the YouTube of this book (2016). 52 minutes

The power of passion and perserverance youtube, length 6 minutes

“The first 10,000 pots are difficult and then it gets a little bit easier” Warren MacKenzie, master potter, over 90 years old. He’s been throwing pots all of his adult life!

Learn Teamwork; Paddle a Dragon Boat

This weekend we trained in collaboration, focus and cooperation on the water while paddling!

Wells Fargo and several other companies sponsor Dragon Boat races at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. It is incredibly fun, wildly competitive and brings together a huge group of paddlers from all over!

We are novice paddlers… still concerned with the basics (don’t fall out, don’t lose your paddle, listen for the count); we had a couple great volunteer coaches and 9 hours of practice to get ready for race day! We learned only one person gives the command, we Must count and paddle together, don’t pay attention to the other boats and much more. Most of all we learned to depend on each other. More information.

We did so well for “ newbies” the Aqua Beast Red team moved into a Category C last race and though we didn’t win a medal we improved our time and raced against some tough teams! Our Gold team of Aqua Beasts won 3rd place Bronze in Category A with the toughest teams like the SF Fire Department!

Ride a Bike to Work? Incentives!

SACRAMENTO – Senate Bill 400 (SB 400), authored by Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) expanding the state’s incentives for turning in old, polluting cars to include vouchers for bikeshare and e-bikes was signed into law today by Governor Gavin Newsom. SB 400, adds bikeshare and e-bikes as mobility options in the Clean Cars 4 All Program, which will provide a strong incentive for Californians to switch from car to bike travel.

Senate Bill 400 helps California reduce our state’s greenhouse gas emissions. E-bikes are proving to be a reliable mobility option for not only replacing car trips, but also more widespread access to clean transportation,” said Senator Tom Umberg. “As an option within Clean Cars 4 All, e-bikes would help California create a more holistic approach to tackling the issues of pollution and traffic.”

Our Work Group has dozens of bikes donated for a holiday give-away. We know how important bikes are!

Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition said, “A good quality e-bike is better than a car for most of the local trips that people take, but it’s hard to justify spending several thousand dollars on a bike when you don’t have that kind of money. This program will help Californians make the switch to bikes if they so wish. E-Bikes provide a more affordable and cleaner option for local trips, and more fun and are healthy, too.”

Ride a Bike to Work..SB 400 improves the state’s Clean Cars 4 All Program that currently only provides support for buying electric, hybrid, and plug-in cars and mobility options like car-sharing memberships and transit passes. A study in Portland found that just a 15 percent increase in e-bike mode share results in an 11 percent decrease in CO2 emissions, even when using the dirtiest electricity generation profile in the USA.  Another study found that as many as 50% of trips by electric bicycle would have been car trips if the rider had not had access to a pedal-assist bike.

National Honey Bee Day: 5 easy things you can do to help bees

Bees are hard workers and great team players!! Your work group would like to know more about them! And you could have an interesting talk about teamwork and best practices! August 17 is National Honey Bee Day!

It’s a day to celebrate bees and bring together beekeepers and bee enthusiasts of all backgrounds to highlight the important role that bees play in our daily lives. 

There are over 19,000 different species of bees globally, who are responsible for pollinating 30 percent of the world’s food crops and 90 percent of our wild plants. Bees are absolutely essential to sustain life on this earth as we know it.

For the last 15 years, bee populations have been declining at an alarming rate largely due to climate change, habitat loss and pesticide use. Fewer bees mean fewer crops which not only impact food security, but also the economy and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem.

“Sadly, more than one third of all bee species are facing declines in population and almost ten percent are facing complete extinction,” said Flow Hive co-inventor Cedar Anderson. 

Be earth friendly!

“But the exciting thing is that there are so many tiny actions all of us can do to play a part in protecting bees. Protecting bees is not just the job of beekeepers – we all have a role, and it can start in our own backyards,” Anderson said.

Let’s celebrate National Bee Day by creating thriving habitats for these essential little pollinators. Here are 5 easy things we can all do to help bees thrive.

STEP 1: Put the sprays away! Please!

Pesticides are recognized as one of the leading threats to pollinators worldwide. Garden pesticides can be replaced with natural alternatives such as garlic, onion or salt spray, soap & orange citrus oil or even chili or pepper spray. Remember even natural sprays can harm pollinators so make sure to only use them outside of foraging hours. 

STEP 2: Plant bee-friendly flowers

Even if you don’t keep bees, planting a bee friendly garden is something anyone can do.

Find plants that bloom at different times of the year. Support a range of different pollinators throughout the different seasons. Trees and shrubs produce much higher quantities of pollen and nectar; however, smaller plants produce forage more regularly – it’s great to have a selection of both.

STEP 3: Let your garden get a little messy! 

Be garden lazy! Let your veggie and herb plants flower and let the dandelions bloom – the bees get to forage and you get some time off gardening duties – win-win!

STEP 4: Help educate children on the importance of pollinators

Educating children about bees and pollinators is a great way to get them involved with caring for the environment and provides an excellent excuse to get them outdoors and off the screens! If you have a vegetable garden, this can be a fun way to introduce the importance of pollinators – we need them to pollinate one-third of our food crops and 90% of our wild plants.

STEP 5: Become a beekeeper!

Discover the fascinating world and experience how caring for your own colony connects with your local environment. There’s never been a more important time to act.

The Flow Hive

Born out of a concern of the decline of the honey bee, second and third generation father and son beekeepers, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, invented a beehive that allows for easier honey extraction. Their ‘Flow Hive’ harvests honey in a simpler way, straight from the hive and into a jar, making it gentler on the bees and much easier for the beekeeper.

“The Flow Hive speaks to the yearning in so many of us to be more in touch with the food we eat and more connected with the natural world. Our hive makes beekeeping easier and more accessible for thousands of people to enjoy this wonderful hobby which also benefits the planet,” Flow Hive co-inventor Stuart Anderson said.

Flow Hive launched in 2015 through a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign which received support from tens of thousands of people around the world. In the four years since the launch, Flow Hive has reached over 65,000 beekeepers across 130 countries.

“We hope to encourage a new era of beekeepers around the world who bring with them enthusiasm, wonder, passion and purpose. Beekeeping increases our overall engagement with nature and reinforces our appreciation of how these magical creatures work,” Anderson said.

The Flow Hive is being used on the rooftops of The Intercontinental Hotel and the Barclay Hotel in New York, The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina, at The Hague in Europe, Government House in the heart of Sydney, and at Parliament House in Canberra Australia. 

Cedar and Stuart Anderson have supported grassroots pollinator projects in the USA and Australia by producing upcycled Pollinator Houses with all profits donated in the form of micro-grants to projects supporting habitat regeneration, protection and advocacy for bees. Flow Hive is also a Certified B Corp, helping to lead a global movement of people using business for a force of good.

For more information about how you can help bees watch this video.

For more information about Flow Hive visit www.honeyflow.com.

This email was sent to findjac@gmail.com 
Fifty Acres, ‘Caliburn’ Gundaroo Road, Bellmount Forest, NSW 2518, Australia 

What could your company do?

We can all do something and so can our companies! We can study other countries or groups and see that they are eliminating single-use plastic bottles. It’s not so hard, and it’s a good feeling to be working for a clean-green company. Our company removed styrofoam cups from break rooms! Then stopped stocking paper cups! Then said bring your own… then added water filtration and filling stations. There were a few timing issues and “Where did I put my cup?” Moments… but it’s so good now! How about your workplace?

Americans have never had much incentive to consume less. But as more Asian countries follow China’s lead in refusing to accept America’s trash, and more US municipalities shut down their recycling programs, this could be about to change.

Refill your Water Bottles!

One CEO, Rich Razgaitis of Denver-based FloWater, makers of new-tech water refill stations sees a silver lining in the, literally, mountains of plastic water bottles coming home to roost from Asia. He says that the end of recycling will force consumers to change their ways. “If we can provide a safe, better-tasting and convenient alternative, consumers are now more ready than ever before to ditch the plastic water bottle, just as they are doing with plastic straws and shopping bags.” Razgaitis adds that, while 77% of Americans might not trust or like the taste of their tap water, there are thousands of businesses, schools, fitness centers, and concert venues already doing something to fix this by providing an entirely new drinking water experience for their customers, employees and students right from the tap and without the plastic.   

In the U.K.– there are already 1,600 refill stations across the country that operate in 13 towns and cities in England and England has pledged to offer free water refill stations in every major city and town by 2021.  In the U.S. and England there are also apps now where people can find free water stations to fill up their reusable flasks.  

Working with the likes of Google, Red Bull, Play Station, Specialized Bikes, Alaska Airlines, YMCA and the Oakland Unified School District, FloWater is deploying its cutting-edge, 7x purification water refill stations that connect to any potable water line and  remove lead, dirt, dust, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants, and enhance the water with oxygenation, electrolytes and trace minerals to elevate the alkalinity of water.

Since its launch FloWater has eliminated the need for nearly 150 million plastic water bottlesand recently raised $15 million in Series B funding to fuel its growth.

Think green, do some good!

Oakland Art Walk — first Fridays

Art walks are great fun. Check this one out – there are food trucks, music, dancing, galleries are open, there is wine / beer tasting for a small charge. It is a great time all around. It changes every month…. you can sign up to be a sponsor, to volunteer or to perform!  Meet your neighbors, help your community! We are all in this together

Join the mailing list to keep up on the new events and activities.


Art, Music, Food, Fun, Community, Celebration! On Telegraph Ave. from W. Grand to 27th St.  5pm – 9:30 pm Nice to Know:  You can get to the art walk from BART. The map of vendors is here – includes the streets and stages set up.

~OAKLAND!   Discover    Explore~

THERE IS MORE! The OAKLAND ART MURMUR – OAM -offers a monthly Guided Walking Tour, on the third Saturday of each month, when a gallery director or other prominent member of the Oakland Art Community takes visitors to 3-5 galleries for presentations from curators or artists about their current shows. Tours are themed and take place 2–4pm Visit the Art Murmur website to learn more.