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Getting Great Recommendations on Linked In

It’s good to have recommendations for your work on Linked In:  

  1. First of all, the recommendations highlight skill sets that are a priority for the company or contract.
  2. These skills may not be what you have listed so they add a new dimension to your work persona.
  3. You are not bragging, someone else is complementing.

It is GREAT to ask for recommendations:

  1. Some of us need practice in asking for what we want – clearly, without stumbling, without waiting for an offer and without apology. This is a VERY important skill.
  2. “People say the darndest things”…. so help your reviewer by offering a suggestion of what you are looking for.
  3. Tell your potential reviewer about the job you want to be recommended for.  Offer a couple of skills you’d like highlighted.

    For example, you could say, “I am applying for the position of videographer at the SeeMe company. Would you be able to write a short recommendation that highlights my skills in the video project we did a few months ago?”

  4. Sometimes your request will be declined. It’s not the same as being rejected. Don’t be offended. The responses my be, “I’m not working right now” or “I’m not able to do that.”  or “We have a company policy about NOT  giving recommendations.” or “I am way too busy.”  Any of those answers are fine, don’t take them personally.
  5. Some people forget your request. One “Friendly Reminder” is OK, really. Just do it.  Make sure to provide the link to recommend. Make it easy.
  6. Renew your efforts,  you’ll need to ask additional co-workers.  However, do make SURE that the person you have asked knows how to input a recommendation into Linked In. Another words, try recommending someone yourself.  If you do it, you’ll understand more about the hurdles.
  7. Getting Recommendations is critically important during layoffs. Ask the most talented and connected coworkers for recommendations. Put an element of urgency into the message. “I will be leaving this position on xx/xx/xx and I would really appreciate your support by recommending me on Linked In”.  The same holds true for transfers to a new area.

Here are some quick steps:

  1. Go to your Settings and enter your password.
  2. Click Manage your recommendations.
  3. Find the position you’ve requested the recommendation for and click Manage.
  4. Find the person you want to remind.  You can add a personal encouragement, like Just checking in….  or  Friendly Reminder on the top line.
  5. Click on Resend next to the name.
  6. Edit the outgoing message and hit Send.

NPower does Good Deeds and We Win!

NPower is worth watching or better yet, worth connecting with! They provide training at various colleges all over the USA focused on the needs of Veterans and underserved youth.

To promote its newest launch, NPower had a great networking event on September 15th held on the USS HORNET.  We got to mingle and it was a GREAT opportunity for  Customers and Partners to learn more about the various training programs and more about the ServiceNow talent that have been trained!



We met several highly qualified veterans that were ready to get started on their next new mission. Their training in software engineering, testing and data analytics is just what is needed.


NPower’s  work doesn’t stop with training, they partner with others to  gather the best teachers, to deliver hands-on training that is RELEVANT to the workplace so the graduates of the courses will be highly sought after. With this great outreach, our Vets can use their talents of teamwork, decision making, drive and determination in the private sector, or government!

We could put them to work in our Technology group, on the pesky systems issues, network, apps development and service work that are prevalent in every technology job I have been in during my career.


Do you need an intern? Would you like to add some fresh ideas and skills to your group?

Personally, I really enjoy working with our military vets. I started out with EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and they focused on hiring from the Air Force. It was easy to see why! Our teams were fearless, focused and ready to make a difference. I wish NPower the very best continued success. — the editor

Another great class in ITIL is starting at College of Alameda (Alameda, CA). This is a great school and a beautiful location. The students will come from all over to learn, and after 8 weeks they will be qualified to work in a well-paid, dynamic industry with people that will certainly appreciate their skills.  They are partnering with Robert Half and this is a beautiful collaboration.

Technology Service Corps builds brighter futures for underserved young adults and veterans through free technology and professional skills training. The program includes technical classes, mentoring from business leaders, internships and career development workshops at leading corporations and nonprofits, industry-recognized certifications as well as employment and alumni services. More than 80% of our alumni are employed or pursuing higher education within one year of graduation. Find out more.

The Community Corps is a skills-based volunteering program engaging technology professionals with high impact schools, innovative nonprofits, and our own custom opportunities.  Our tech volunteers work hand-in-hand with schools and nonprofits across North America to help them use technology more effectively and inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals. Our services are available via our online platform and free to individuals, nonprofits and schools. MORE DETAILS 

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Putting Our Heads Together – Collaboration

Artists, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Architects, Innovators! We all want to believe that if our work is good enough, we’ll be recognized for our creative genius. Whether as artists, entrepreneurs, or employees, we believe success is mostly a meritocracy. It isn’t. Who you know matters, and without the right connections, even the best work won’t get noticed.

But this isn’t just about the importance of networking—it goes straight to the heart of the creative process. We’re often led to believe that creative minds toil alone in a cabin in the woods or stuffed away in some laboratory, too busy to be bothered

“You might wonder,” creativity expert Keith Sawyer wrote in his book Group Genius, “Isn’t the individual mind the ultimate source of creativity? Doesn’t each creative spark come from a single person?”

Not exactly, says Sawyer. Creativity is always the result of collaboration, whether it’s intentional or not. In my study of successful creatives today, I’ve identified three kinds of collaboration that every creative person needs in order for their work to succeed and influence others.

  1. A Scene – what’s happening where you live and work? Think of Nashville, or Sedona, or NYC!
  2. A Network – having someone that will advocate for you, back your work up, sound off about your merits really is the formula for success.
  3. A Community – do you have a supportive group that will jump in and help? Critique, arrange funding, encourage, read your manuscript?

An Excerpt from a Fast Company Article that inspired me!

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Have you been told that you are TOO AGGRESSIVE at work? If you ask a large group, hands of women will go up, ask again, how many MEN have been told they are TOO AGGRESSIVE a few hands will go up (or maybe none)!

Product Details  Image result for lean in   Image result for lean in

And is that little girl TOO BOSSY?  Or is this the fledgling beginning of EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP skills? Listen to the words, look at the body posture, watch for who jumps for the challenge!

To become leaders, to really change the world, its not just words we must strive, learn AND ACT!

A WAGE GAP Still exists. CEO positions are not even close to equal, Board of Directors? Woefully male.

For this TED TALK (click the link) , you’ll hear many examples of outstanding sucees and building a strong base to have more EQUALITY!! Sheryl Sandberg admits she was terrified to step onto the TED stage in 2010 — because she was going to talk, for the first time, about the lonely experience of being a woman in the top tiers of business. Millions of views (and a best-selling book) later, the Facebook COO talks with the woman who pushed her to give that first talk, Pat Mitchell. Sandberg opens up about the reaction to her idea, and explores the ways that women still struggle with success.

What can you do? Call out the differences. Start a Lean-In Leadership Circle. The circles are happening all over the world.

Are women not contributing? Do they raise their hand? Do they get involved? ARE THEY SITTING AT THE TABLE?  This book has a global message. There are hurdles, and yet we are and can use our confidence to get what we need.

15 years later: Remembering Sept. 11

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the U.S. — a time of reflection and remembrance for many.

Our company honors the many that died, the many that responded to help and our 5 team members that died in the attacks, with short posts stories, quotes and pictures. The grief is still with us.

Now is a time for remembering and honoring. Your company can do the same. This is a time to support those that are here working, those that are remembering and to honor those we lost.

As someone who lived in New York, this date is always very emotional for me. Every year I am renewed in my love for my country and our men and women defending our freedoms. I am so thankful to work for a company that takes the time to remember those lives that were lost. I will never forget where I was and how I felt on that painful day 15 years ago. It is forever etched in my mind, heart and soul.  – Quote from a Team Member on our company memorial


I worked with all five who died and spoke to Antoinette, in particular, on a regular basis, and occasionally come across emails with her name on them, I will never forget that day and the conversations I had with the survivors of the operations team after the event. It still gives me chills. – another Team Member remembers

For each company, the planning of a recognition has a different focus. Be sensitive to your team and showcase your company values. Many of us are walking 5 miles on Sunday September 11, part of a tribute to our veterans, honoring those that serve and those that have been injured through the amazing NO BARRIERS group. Most of us will participate by walking and then posting our participation on the virtual walk, several cities have No Barriers walks planned as well.

There are many opportunities to acknowledge our country, our spirit, and our bravery.


Mere Polls are Passé, Big Data is the Answer

Passé! Do you really want to know what your customers think? Do you want to know how voters will vote?
You can rely on age old check-out data at the register. You can rely on exit poll data. But if you really want to do some predictive analysis and understand WHY something happens, take a look at BIG Data.

According to Norris, the true benefit of big data analytics is in combining data sources.
“If you were looking at just the social media activity of potential prospects out there, you can find some trends. But if you pair that also with your customer information and your customer purchases, you have got a richer view. And then if you add weather data or location information, you can look at different trends there. Source: eBook: Tap into the Power of Machine Learning Democratizing Data Science through Automation

Now you can use AI – Artificial Intelligence to enhance the predictive capabilities of the Big Data. The cutting-edge cognitive computing analytics will help you evaluate. There is no problem with storing the mountain of data, it can go in the cloud. You can share your data, and then collaboration and developing insights is easier. Simply require organizations to grant providers access to their data.

Why did Hillary Clinton pay for 60 mathematicians, and spending $60,000,000 (yes, million)  on ads in June alone?  It wasn’t a mistake, her team wanted this type of ESP-like intelligence to get all the votes possible. Big Data and developing the type of predictive analysis that can say “use This Word, not That Word” is here.  Feels like Big Brother.


Speeches will mimic what people want to hear, it will feel like a politician is talking  just to you. However, the words are generated by a careful review of how humans communicate, what they expect and what feels good.  Someday soon we will say “Is it Real?”. Some politicians will sound robotic. (Almost) We will have to learn when we are being manipulated.  Honest Talk…. may be a rarity.  Certainly, every speech will be scripted and put on the prompter. Politicians can act real. After all, Newscasters on every TV network have been doing this for years.

I’ve been writing and learning about Big Data for years, it can be an amazing tool for understanding.


Social Media Pitfalls

Don’t throw your company in the MUD by using social media inappropriately.

  1. Understand the hashtags you use AND their history!
  2. If something you post goes astray and is linked to unfavorable posts, make a sincere apology.
  3. If there are threats, ugly language or insults on a thread of posts, REMOVE THE POSTS. Don’t wait.
  4. Monitor your social Media presence, especially when linked to your website.
  5. Don’t think you can jump on to a trending post and “hijack” the readers to your corporate goal.

Example:  The hashtag #WhyIStayed was being used after a video of Ray Rice punching his then fiancée  led to his termination from the Baltimore Ravens. Women used the hashtag to discuss abusive relationships. however, DiGiorno Pizza hijacked the hashtag didn’t get the basic thread and wanted to share in the media blitz.  They added a  tweet using “#WhyIStayed You Had Pizza” … what a mess…. their lack of thinking it through led to a backlash against the brand on social media.  (Source: Fast Company)


When bad press happens, be especially vigilant. Use tools to check on your posts, responses, not Automated Responses, but considered human responses.

Frusterated, Aggravated, Pissed Off?

You have your “hot buttons”: late friends, your team isn’t prepared for the meeting, no one brought cash to the event and is said “bring cash” …. oh there are a thousand. But SHOULD THERE BE 1000 aggravations? Who is suffering here? …Surely it is YOU!

Don’t let the little things that bug you pile up. Try a few of these ideas, to keep happier and calmer!!

1. Walk away from aggravation. You can choose this action! Are you starting to lose it because the computer won’t start? Your phone has no charge? People in your life are acting dumb?Try to remove yourself from the situation — maybe with a quick tension-taming walk.

2. Practice gratitude. Get back to the core… you are alive, you have a place to live, you can read this post.

3. Know what will Soothe you. Make a list of what works. Read the list. Take a s-l-o-w  breath.
4. Do the does-it-really matter?  Test your thinking.
5. Look at the funny side. Isn’t most of the “junk” in life rather absurd?
6. Look for an opportunity. Greet the delay with “This is my time.” Try a walk.
7. It doesn’t NEED TO BE PERFECT.  Try to keep expectations realistic. If the thing you are doing NEVER comes out perfect, don’t repeat the aggravation, just realize that is HOW IT IS.
8. Prevention.  Head  off the mess before it happens. Think it through. Have a set place for keys. Put birthdates in a book.
Or are you flustered every workday morning? Try picking out your clothes the night before. Pack your lunch. Organize your briefcase or workout bag.                                                              

No Barriers Warriors – Walking in our Communities

Honor the Veterans among us. Walk with them, so they don’t walk alone. This year more than 200 veterans with disabilities will become No Barriers Warriors and embark on a life-changing experience that will improve their lives and change their perspective of what’s possible after returning home from their time in service. While you can’t be on the mountain with them, you can show your support by walking for them in our annual Walk with the Warriors campaign.

Walk with Warriors2


They’ll be walking hundreds of miles on their journey to recovery; won’t you join us for a 5 mile walk that shows them how much you care?   In 2016 our fundraising campaign is better than ever with more ways to participate…   You can show your support by joining one of the Walk with the Warriors’ Hometown Walks in in Denver, Tucson or Minneapolis, or the virtual Honor Walk, which takes place on 9/11. By joining a Hometown Walk you will be participating in an in-person walk with a group of supporters in your community who are just as passionate as you are about our servicemembers. Not able to join one of our Hometown Walks? That’s OK! We also have a virtual option where you can join hundreds of people from across the country in walking 5 miles in honor of our veterans on one of our country’s most patriotic days.   In addition to showing solidarity by walking for our veterans with disabilities, you will be able to earn a variety of awesome rewards as you fundraise, including tasc Performance gear and a FitBit!   By fundraising for our Warriors, you are helping to provide life-changing journeys to veterans with disabilities free of cost to the veteran. By walking, you are showing our veterans that they are not walking their journey alone.

John F Kennedy Elementary School

JFK is a winner in so many ways…. now they have “WON” an $1000 Service Award from Wells Fargo. I applied for this grant and the school was selected. I requested money for books for the kids I read to — this feels oh so good!!


John F Kennedy Elementary School’s mission? This school is one of 10 elementary schools in the Jefferson School District in Daly City, CA. JFK school has always provided a supportive and multi-faceted education to it’s students. Many of the children have siblings and relatives that have gone to this school over the years. This school welcomes the community and it shows in the many murals that decorate the walls and the Artwork that is proudly posted next to each class.

There are never enough volunteers or enough books. This is a great place to volunteer. The personal reward is incredible! I read to 3 kindergarten classes of 24 students each. The kids are amazing, smart, funny, sweet and interested in the new books. Get involved – volunteer! You can help read or find another fun task. — the editor

The teachers at this school are dynamic, talented and focused on the education of their students. We all really enjoy the Reading First program. At JFK, the community is involved and volunteers are welcomed +donations of books are greatly appreciated. The Library has many great books for all levels. The students are actively engaged in reading, going to the school library and developing their curiosity through books.

Would you like to apply for money or write a grant? KNBR and Wells Fargo have teamed up and are awarding money for schools. Here is the information, click this link.