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Orchard Supply Hardware closing all stores

So Sad to read this article in the MV Voice. What a great store, easy to get to and get back home. It had a happy feel and everything I needed. I got free SJ Giants tickets there and brought dozens of baseball fans during the week, and shared them with out-of-towners; it was a fun low cost way to see bay area baseball. They helped me buy my son his work clothes. I bought so many plants and even home appliances there.  I bought my beloved artificial Christmas Tree there – it was a special thin model that fit in my dinky home. I will miss OSH, but way more than that, I’ll miss the many folks that got me just what I needed and helped me figure out how to fix things in my home.

Thanks for many years of service. You will be missed. 

Just three years after overhauling its new Mountain View store, Orchard Supply Hardware’s parent company announced Wednesday morning it will be closing down all of its locations.

The news signals the end for a home-improvement chain that originated in the South Bay nearly 90 years ago. But like many retail businesses, Orchard Supply has been on the ropes for years, facing intense competition from larger stores and online rivals. The company declared bankruptcy in 2014 and was later acquired by the hardware giant Lowe’s, based in North Carolina.

Following the purchase, Lowe’s announced a commitment to inject $200 million to prop up the struggling chain. As part of that investment, the Orchard Supply in Mountain View was remodeled, and the chain began expanding outside of California into Oregon and Florida. As recently as last year, a new Orchard Supply store had opened in East Hollywood, according to the Los Angeles Times.

All Orchard Supply locations are expected to close by October, according to a Lowe’s earnings report released on Wednesday morning. As they work to shutter those stores, the company expects to hold closing sales to sell off their remaining inventory.

Under the current plan, all Orchard Supply employees are expected to be terminated. Lowe’s officials say they will provide job placement services for all workers, some of whom could be hired on by Lowe’s.


It’s that time of year again!!!! 

2018 23rd Annual Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival

WHEN: The Race is SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 at Oakland’s Lake Merritt. 

Last year, with loads of practice, team skills and great leaders the AQUA BEASTS Won gold and silver! Our Wells Fargo Team and Asian Connection never gave up!  There were many people on our team that had never been a boat race of any kind, some didn’t know how to paddle, a few didn’t know how to swim. But they overcame their doubts and trepidation and practiced so hard, working together that they came home with medals.

Race day is a thrill – there are so many groups, this is more than a race it is a cultural event. Come down and see the dragon boats zoom over the water, with dozens paddling, yelling and having the time of their lives. There are community groups, corporations, high schools, seniors, this is an AMAZING RACE.

Funky Day?

What can you do? Here are some practical solutions.

Excerpt from a great article by Angie Morgan, Lead Star Partner.

Small Things:

  • Clean your desk.  I know, I know – no one needs another mother.  But a cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind. Sometimes all you need to be productive and positive is a clean, neat, and inspiring place to work from.
  • Fill your mind with inspiration.  I’ve got to admit, that when I listen to too much news, I walk away depressed about the state of the world, which impacts my energy level.  I certainly read up on current events, but I don’t dwell on them.  I’ve taken to listening to inspiring music and fun podcasts on my way to work, which significantly alters my state of mind. (I’ve been listening to a lot to TED Radio Hour– this is where some of the great minds share their thoughts.)
  • Keep a journal.  This sounds cheesy, but I just started keeping a gratitude journal. Each day I write down three things I’m grateful for and I find that this simple reflection exercise makes me smile. Research shows that if you focus on things that make you happy, you can positively impact the level of happiness you experience.
  • Rewrite your script.  We tend to view our routine as obligations; when we do, we start to resent the things we have to do.  I have to go to work.  I have to drop off the kids at practice.  Rewrite your script – start sentences with “I have the opportunity to … .”  Reframing your dialogue can shift your attitude in an instant.
  • Take a day off.  Sometimes all it takes is one day, focused on you, to get you back into the swing of things.  We work so hard – and we mistakenly believe that we’re computers and can bring the same level of intensity to whatever we’re doing whenever we’re doing it.  We just can’t.  Take a break – you probably need one!

Big Things:

  • Take a break.  And maybe you need more than a day.  Burnout is real and it happens to the best of us.  As you look into the near future, maybe you need to take some time off to rejuvenate so you can come back stronger.
  • Pay attention.  And maybe it’s more than a break you need.  Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas – maybe a bigger change is needed.  There are always career mentors you can connect with to have important dialogues.

There is so much we can do to shift our attitude so we see possibility (versus overload).  And sometimes the smallest things can produce the greatest impact.  So, start today – and with conscious effort, you can be leading yourself out of the workplace funk and towards a better future.

Would you like to learn about other ways to become a better leader?  To SPARK your beginning click here to learn how to receive your FREE copies of NY Times best-seller, SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greatness.

Who uses credit cards?

Millennials Not So Keen About Credit Cards

Back to cash is king?  Limiting credit card use is a great way to STAY out of debt.

“People age 29 and younger are 93 percent more likely to have a negative opinion of credit cards than people age 59 and older, according to new research from Wallet Hub. One completely unsurprising reason for these contrasting points of view is that “younger people are having more trouble managing their credit card debt,” Lucia Dunn, Ohio State University economics professor, said in press release. “That would give a person a negative opinion of cards” Another reason is that millennials fear having too much debt. “Millennials witnessed their parents’ struggles during the Great Recession and are already overburdened by student loans,” said WalletHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou. “So it’s no surprise they dislike credit cards.””

TCM Bank Leaked its Customer Data for 16 months

Paying attention to notices from Banks and Credit Card Issuer is very important. This is how you may find out if you personal data has been stolen. It is critical to take action early, to avoid serious problems like identity theft or new accounts opened in your name.

Credit Card Issuer TCM Bank Leaked Applicant Data For 16 Months

TCM Bank, a company that helps more than 750 small and community U.S. banks issue credit cards to their account holders, said a Web site misconfiguration exposed the names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of thousands of people who applied for cards between early March 2017 and mid-July 2018. TCM is a subsidiary of Washington, D.C.-based ICBA Bancard Inc., which helps community banks provide a credit card option to their customers using bank-branded cards. In a letter being mailed to affected customers today, TCM said the information exposed was data that card applicants uploaded to a Web site managed by a third party vendor. TCM said it learned of the issue on July 16, 2018, and had the problem fixed by the following day.”

Aging Gracefully and Having a Good Time

Living Longer, Fuller Lives

This new economy of connections is what will enable clients to live fuller lives as they age, and it touches five important aspects of their lives:

Technology-Driven Transportation Will Help Them Stay Mobile
Cars are increasingly offering automated features such as parking assistance, collision prevention, and lane-departure warnings that can extend the driving capabilities for aging drivers. But when driving is no longer an option, ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft may be a solution by providing on-demand transportation through free smartphone apps. They can also provide flexible employment as clients age; Uber has stated that some of their most popular drivers are retirees. And while not yet available, Google and major car manufacturers are in the process of developing and testing driverless cars that could offer independence to those who would otherwise be unable to drive. Yeah for autonomous vehicles!

It Will Be Easier to Work and Earn Income Longer

According to AARP, four out of 10 Baby Boomers plan to work in some capacity during retirement.2 Technology can contribute to this in several ways. First, it could promote greater flexibility in an existing position by allowing remote work from the comfort of home. Second, many clients are finding second careers in retirement. Clients can use online education forums, such as Edx and Coursera, to broaden or update existing skillsets, or even learn entirely new skills and industries. The courses are from many universities and some are free. Serving as a provider in today’s on-demand economy can also offer non-traditional employment. For example, services such as AirBNB allow homeowners to rent out rooms, providing both income and social interaction for the homeowner, as do driving services such as Uber and Lyft.

Clients Will Be Better Able to Maintain Their Social Network As They Age
Loneliness can be a major health risk for seniors, and personal interaction can decrease significantly in retirement, especially after the loss of a spouse. Fortunately, technology has already taken strides to reduce the distances between families and friends with internet-based apps such as Skype and Facetime. These apps have removed the cost considerations of long distance conversations while adding the ability to include face-to-face contact. In retirement communities, the Connected Living program provides the equipment and a medium to give seniors access to digital social lives, and there are even senior-specific dating websites, such as OurTime and Stitch, to facilitate building new romantic relationships as clients age.

Connected Homes and Apps Can Promote Aging in Place
Clients’ homes play an integral part in their family lives, and are full of memories and their personal effects. Many Americans say they want to age in place, but simple required maintenance can become difficult or unsafe to manage as we age. Today, apps such as Handy and TaskRabbit pre-screen handymen or contractors for home improvement projects. For more frequent day-to-day needs, there are even apps like Instacart to make grocery delivery simple, or 1-800-DryClean, which delivers laundry and dry-cleaning to a client’s door. Do clients need a butler to help you tidy up their home? Look to Hello Alfred; their motto is: “Come Home Happy” . They started in NY and have 8 other locations including SF. And in some cases, they wouldn’t even need to lift a finger because voice-activated controllers like the Amazon Echo can access these apps, all while their robot vacuum, a Roomba, cleans their floors autonomously. These are all tasks that may be taken for granted in younger years, but can be difficult to manage as clients age and are significant to remaining independent and aging in their own homes.

However, some services like Washio, which did the same service as 1-800-DryClean, shut its doors, “washed-up” so to speak. So Pick Carefully! If it is a good idea, there will be lots of choices from other entrepreneurs.  — the editor

Technology Will Monitor Clients’ Health at Home
Healthcare costs may be one of the largest budget items for retirees as they manage chronic conditions, and healthcare often plays a deciding role in whether or not it’s possible to remain at home rather than in a facility or institution. But what if clients could more proactively manage their health with the help of devices and apps at home? From smart toilets that can measure weight and vitals to smart clothing that can track activity levels or carpets that can detect a fall, developers are working to integrate technology into everyday objects to monitor clients’ health and detect changes or problems immediately. And when outside help is required, apps like Honor can provide peace of mind that trained professionals have been screened and are qualified to help an aging client.

Really enjoyed this article, here is an excerpt, the full article is here.

2018 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge

This year’s Corporate 5K Challenge. The details are below, with the registration we get a Race Quality Wells Fargo shirt ALONG with the JP Morgan Chase shirt that is given on race day. Please reach out to Chris Yager or Heather Cerney if you have any questions.

This is a reminder that the 2018 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge registration deadline is approaching- please sign up before Wednesday, August 1st if you plan on participating in this year’s event.

If you participated last year, you may have received an email directly from JPMCC but here are some important details.

This year’s event is taking place Thursday, September 6th and we hope to see you there.

7:05 pm, McCovey Cove across from AT&T Park



1. Find YOUR team ( for us it is Wells Fargo, MANY groups are going)  and click to register.

2. Use your company email address when signing up.

3. The JP Morgan Chase Foundation will make a donation on behalf of all participants to their designated non-profit.

4. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis and often fills up prior to the official close date (8/1).

Sign up today! (race entry closes once capacity has been filled)


1. All walkers and runners are responsible for their individual registration fee of $50.

2.  All registrants will be receiving a JPMCCC shirt that they hand out the day of the event.

Alipay from Alibaba

China’s Alipay Comes to More Than 50 Guess Stores As the Payment Service’s U.S. Expansion Continues

Alipay, the China-based mobile and online payments service, has been active over the past year signing up U.S. merchants, and on Tuesday it announced its latest addition: apparel seller Guess? Inc., which will accept Alipay at more than 50 of its stores in New York City, Las Vegas, and California, all places heavily traveled by Chinese tourists. Guess operates more than 1,600 stores worldwide either directly or through licensees.

Alipay, a service offered by the giant Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and its Ant Financial Services Group, has been working in recent months to dramatically expand its availability in the United States as Chinese tourism here grows. An estimated 4 million Chinese citizens visit the United States each year. U.S. stores accepting Alipay now include GNC as well as high-end brands Rebecca Minkoff, Lacoste, and Tourneau, according to an Alipay spokesperson.

Pistahan Parade

The GRAND parade will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 11 am from the SF Civic Center, along Market towards 4th Street.

The festival is from Saturday, August 11 to Sunday, August 12, 2018 from 11AM to 5PM at SF Yerba Buena Gardens.


Experience the best of Filipino art, dance, music and food at the Pistahan Parade and Festival. Billed as the largest celebration of Filipino Americans in the U.S., the two-day event organized by the Filipino American Arts Exposition is expected to draw over 80,000 people over the weekend. Bring your entire family! Our ACBA members love this parade & enjoy many booths with food, fun, history, culture and joining in the music and dancing.

http://www.pistahan.net/   Sign Up To Join The Parade


Go To A Parade

This post from Leadstar got me thinking. At a time when they is MORE Animosity,

>>people are craving Hope and Community.

While we see the news, that continues to describe hate, violence, nasty politics, and something way past disregard and disdain,

>>I see social media posts hoping for Empowerment of Women, Equality and Love…

This post from Leadstar hit home. Go to a Parade. I have gone to many and walked in many. Next February I plan to walk in my fourth Lunar New Parade in SF.  Yes four times! Why? I love the understanding I share of a culture that is not my own, I support diversity, and the sheer colorful, exuberant drama of it all makes me happy. I am a part of a community. This is team building.  So try it. Go to a parade this July 4th. We have many Independence Day parades all over the SF Bay Area.

From Leadstar Leadership Moments.

It takes dozens of hours to put together a float.  It’s a pretty involved task:
• Coming up with a concept
• Buying supplies
• Coordinating schedules to construct the float
• Participating in the parade itself, which can be a several-hour event
• Deconstruction
And that is just one float.  Think of the hundreds that are currently being constructed for the 4th of July celebration this week.  Some might say: “Is it worth it?”  As a parade enthusiast, I’ll say “Undoubtedly!”

Floats are the centerpiece of what I love most about a 4th of July parade: Communities coming together in celebration.

I love how dedicated volunteers carefully create the experience, while families dust off their lawn chairs so they can wave their flags while observing whatever rolls down the street – marching bands, color guards, clown cars, horses, beauty queens, and – of course – floats.

I also love what happens around parades – young entrepreneurs set up lemonade stands, volunteer organizations share materials, interest groups ask you to sign petitions, politicians and candidates shake your hand, and restaurants put grills in front of their businesses so they can roast hot dogs and sell them for $2.  (I live in Northern Michigan … hot dogs might be pricier in your neck of the woods.)

There are very few events where communities can attract such diverse crowds, and when – together – people appear, well, happy!    We don’t focus on differences.  Rather, we focus on the event itself, designed purely for our joy.

My ask of you this 4th of July is pretty simple

– find a parade and go to one.  Or, in lieu of a parade, take time to participate in a community-based event. People need people – communities need engagement – and our country needs more people coming together to celebrate its Independence. 

By Angie Morgan, Lead Star Partner Angie Morgan is one of Lead Star’s founders and authors of SPARK.  She’ll be attending two parades this 4th of July – Cheboygan, and Petoskey in Michigan. (She’ll also be walking with her son’s school’s float in the Grand Royal Cherry Parade in Traverse City on Saturday.)    Read more articles by Angie >