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March 8 – International Women’s Day

On this day we celebrate our achievements. Everyone can celebrate, because everyone benefits when women are superstars in their work and communities. I cannot think of a better way to get engaged and build skills than to join a non-profit board. This work boosts your leadership, community understanding and showcases your abilities. In San Francisco, we can go to Board Match this evening to learn more about the non-profits that help our communities.

The Board Match – Thursday, March 8

The Board Match is an exciting event featuring hundreds of Bay Area nonprofits whose members will be on hand to talk to interested candidates about serving on their board of directors. Each year there are more than 1,100 participants in this annual event. There will be a variety of organizations from large to small, focusing on everything from cultural groups, environment, arts, youth and more. Bring your business cards to share with your potential match. Free! Register at www.theboardmatch.net  Board Match comes to many cities, take a look at their schedule.


And BIG Thanks to the Professional Business Women of California for their many seminars, tweets, and inspiration. This is great organization to check out! Save the Date! 2018 Annual Conference is on April 24, 2018. This organization was founded in 1989 by Congresswoman Jackie Speier. She is a hero to our SF Bay Area community; she is my hero because she has always supported Women and Veterans.

Trust & Financial Providers

We all know that TRUST is easy to Lose and hard to win back.

Suspicion of financial providers still runs deep, and yet financial start-ups are winning second looks and new customers! The newbies have several things in common:

Customer-centric. Ready to make life easy for their consumers.

A message and product that resonate with the consumers, the successful products solve those problems and make sense, easy to use, have a strong and loyal following of both EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS. Both groups become “product promoters”.

“Fintechs will rebuild a trusted relationship through technology.” This was the confident prediction of Colin Walsh, co-founder and CEO of Varo Money, at the Money20/20 event.

Articles–It might be fun, good, or fast, but do you TRUST the service?  There are many choices. see below:

We Celebrate and Honor Asian Holidays and Festivals

Holidays & Festivals

Learning more about other cultures is interesting and fun, it can bring your team together to celebrate their languages, foods, and traditions. We enjoy learning from each other and sharing memories, childhoods, and funny stories of trying to be in style and fit in when you are new to an area.

Holi is one of our team favorites, and there are many places that have a colorful party on Holi. Check EventBrite in your area!

Date Holiday Country
Mar 1, Thu Full Moon Day of Tabaung Myanmar
Mar 1, Thu Madin Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka
Mar 1, Thu Makha Bucha Day Thailand
Mar 1, Thu March 1st Movement Day S Korea
Mar 2, Fri Holi India
Mar 2, Fri Peasants’ Day Myanmar
Mar 3, Sat Veterans Day Timor-Lesta
Mar 8, Thu International Women’s Day Multiple Countries
Mar 17, Sat Bali Hindu New Year Indonesia
Mar 17, Sat Ghode Jatra Nepal
Mar 17, Sat Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday Bangladesh
Mar 21-24, Wed to Sat Navruz Holiday Multiple Countries
Mar 21, Wed Vernal Equinox Day Japan
Mar 22, Thu Novruz Holiday Turkmenistan
Mar 25, Sun Ram Navami India/Nepal
Mar 26, Mon Independence Day Bangladesh
Mar 27, Tue Armed Forces Day Myanmar
Mar 29, Thu Maundy Thursday Philippines
Mar 30, Fri Good Friday Multiple Countries
Mar 30, Fri Holy Friday Timor-Lesta
Mar 31, Sat Bak Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka
Mar 31, Sat Black Saturday Philippines
Mar 31, Sat The Day Before Easter Sunday Macau
Mar 31, Sat The Day Following Good Friday Hong Kong

Enjoy the San Francisco Lunar New Year Parade

What a great event. Every year schools, martial arts clubs, companies, community leaders join together to celebrate the Lunar New Year in San Francisco. The parade complete with dozens of dragons, winds around in the San Francisco downtown.  We get ready for the parade by having lunch the week before with great food, games, karaoke, and prizes. At the luncheon, we learn to LION Dance, and everyone joins in!


Be an Expert, Become a Speaker!

Be a champion! Get Noticed! Would you like to become an “EXPERT” in your chosen field?

One of the best ways to start this process is to speak at a public forum.  Get some recognition as a resource / SME. Become more valuable to your company!


You’ll have to get prepared. Here are some must-do items:

  • Prepare a speakers Bio
  • Have a quality professional  “headshot” available
  • Develop an engaging speech, and practice so that you can present at any occasion. It is a bit like an actor learning a part.
  • Make yourself available as a “fill-in” speaker if needed. Event managers really appreciate your flexibility.
  • If you want to practice speaking with great constructive feedback, join a local TOASTMASTERS club, or a virtual one, this is a new feature of the club.

Here is a call for speakers:

JMP® users are lifelong learners.

At each Discovery Summit, our paper and ePoster presenters are some of our best teachers. They are a source of inspiration to learn more, including new ways to analyze data, the latest techniques for statistical modeling and innovative applications of the software. Will you teach us about how you use analytics in your field? Submit a paper or ePoster abstract describing how you’ve solved real problems with JMP. If yours is selected, you’ll present at the conference, which will take place 23-26 Oct. at SAS headquarters.

The call for papers closes Friday, 27 April, at 8 p.m. ET. If you need some ideas, take a look at past presentation materials in the JMP User Community»Submit Now


  • Friday, 27 April, at 8 p.m. ET: Call for papers and ePosters ends.
  • Late May: Selections of papers and ePosters announced.
  • Monday, 10 Sept.: Final versions of student ePosters due for those who wish to be eligible for the Best Student ePoster Award.
  • Friday, 21 Sept.: Final version of papers, presentation materials and ePosters due.
  • 24-26 Oct.: Paper presentations and ePoster displays occur.

Submission Guidelines

  • Title: 25 words or fewer.
  • Abstracts: 150-200 words.
  • Author biographies: 75 words or fewer per author.

Discovery Summit
23-26 October 2018
SAS World Headquarters
Cary, NC


Days to Remember for MARCH

March  from 1 to 31

Watch for Employee Appreciation Day.  It is on the FIRST FRIDAY in March!

march calendar

  1. Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  2. National Banana Cream Pie Day and Old Stuff Day and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
  3. Peach Blossom Day
  4. National Pound Cake Day
  5. National Frozen Food Day
  6. Happy Birthday to Luther Burbank, American botanist (1849 – 1926)
  7. Johnny Appleseed Day
  8. International Women’s Day
  9. Alfred Hitchcock Day
  10. Jewel Day
  11. National Potato Chip Day
  12. Everything you do is Right Day
  13. Submarine Day
  14. National Pi Day.
  15. National Chocolate Carmel Day
  16. Anniversary of the founding of the first black newspaper in the US, Freedom’s Journal, on Varick Street at New York, NY. 1827
  17. Saint Patrick’s Day
  18. National Bio-diesel Day www.biodiesel.org. Wells Fargo Founded in 1852.
  19. Happy Birthday to Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren (1891-1974)
  20. National Quilting Day and Kiss your Fiance Day
  21. Selma Civil Rights March in 1965
  22. United Nations: World Day for Water
  23. National Chip and Dip Day
  24. National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
  25. Pecan Day and Waffle Day
  26. Make up YOUR own Holiday
  27. Something on a Stick Day
  28. Reba McEntire born today, country singer AND Lady Gaga, singer / performer
  29. Amy Sedaris is born today, on “Strangers with Candy”
  30. National Hot Dog Day AND I am in Control Day (oh sure you are!)
  31. Oranges and Lemons Day AND National Clams on the Half Shell Day

A Month to Celebrate-February! 

Febuary Days 24th & 25th!
April Days are Here!

march typeface
march calendar
filoli SF

Enjoying the Lunar New Year

We believe that the Lunar New Year celebration is not complete unless there is a traditional lion dance.


According to customary Chinese beliefs, the lion is a symbol of courage, stability, and superiority. The lion dance has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years and is performed to bring good luck and prosperity to the business for the rest of the year.

Plucking the Green, (Cai Qing), is a traditional lion dance performance. Cai Qing is performed during the Chinese New Year to bring blessing or fortune.

  • The drum acting as the lion’s heartbeat
  • Cymbals &  gong to frighten away evil spirits
  • The lion might throw candy or pick up lettuce hanging from the ceiling and spitting the leaves out
  • Scattering the leaves symbolizes a fresh start to the new year and spreads good luck.
  • The  lion is presented with lai see (a red envelope filled with money). This is a symbolic act of the lion’s blessing and ensuring good fortune during the year

LNY – we look forward to it every year – especially lion dancing –  with its vibrant colors, dancing, and drumming. It is one of my favorite Lunar New Year traditions.

Lion Dancing through the office
After completing the performance in the reception area, the lion happily danced through the office, going from desk to desk and gathering lai see left by team members, to spread good luck and festive cheer. We loved this, though getting work done was a problem,  it was so much fun!

Good Time to Update your LinkedIn Profile

Two Reasons to update LI:

  1. Jobs are being added a very fast rate – highest in the last 8 years (msn.com). Boomers are retiring. The economy is booming.
  2. LinkedIn just updated its look, the biggest redesign in years. What are you waiting for? Let’s do some spring cleaning! Get rid of the old stuff, boring descriptions and make your profile your showcase of WHAT you WANT!

“LinkedIn is a place to shape a precise, meaningful, persuasive story about your talents—not a career catchall. Cutting distracting content might feel odd at first, but it’s vital to refining the message you deliver. So really try to make the most of its new streamlined design to wow everyone who visits your profile.”

You have less than a minute to make a good impression on LinkedIn – make it count!

And while you are at it… add the LinkedIn Jobs app to your phone – a quick click to survey what is NEW in your targeted list.

Shout Out to the Pridmore Family – Community Heroes in the Fire of 2017

We love Lake Berryessa and not just the lake, but also horseback riding and wine tasting… camping and relaxing too. We love it so much that my children (city kids) learned how to fish, ride, get dirty, walk in a creek and catch frogs here, and then they weren’t city kids anymore! With 30 years of great memories, we watched in horror on TV as the inferno of Northern California fires in Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Napa – the fires of 2017 swept down the canyons, wiping out homes, livestock, and taking a few lives – because the fire moved so fast people couldn’t get away. It was shocking, so much devastation and life lost.  BUT it would have been much worse on Hwy 128 …. except the Pridmore Family stayed to fight.

As we drove up to see if our special places, horses, and trailers had survived, we were quite sure that nothing was left. Power lines were down, hills burnt black, trees toppled and charred, ghostly white dust where trees had been but the fire was so hot, only dust remained, and barricades on the highway – their un-burned metal laying on the ground with no wooden supports.

So much was burned, the whole area smelled like one big BBQ. My chest tightened and with tears in my eyes, we drove past burned trees, eerie silence, nothing green, hot piles of logs…. but further in we saw houses – SAVED -and Barns – SAVED- and when we reached the Ranch, a flock of Turkeys scared up onto the road. The horses had been trailered out, and the wildlife had escaped.  I couldn’t believe it. The firefighters had picked their battles and the Ranch was saved, the fire had consumed some trailers, coming within 10 feet of our old Airstream! Our special places were good, still there.

Nature will restore and new shoots, after only a few weeks the deer have come back. It is astonishing, that so much is OK.  We are so very grateful. Maybe daffodil hill will bloom? If not, I will plant some more.

So thank-you to ALL the Firefighters and especially to a family that is a big part of this valley – who wouldn’t give up and managed to save it.


Excerpt from an Article: “Pridmore Family has Deep Roots in Berryessa area

JENNIFER HUFFMAN, Register Business Writer 

Since moving to Lake Berryessa in the 1920s, the Pridmore family has managed to survive in this economically challenged area by running a diverse set of businesses, including real estate development, construction, and storage.

“We’ve had to adapt to our environment,” said Gil Pridmore, who still lives with his family on the original acreage near the intersection of highways 121 and 128.

As the family grew, the Pridmores realized they’d need to do more than just ranching. Gil Pridmore’s father began helping build resorts in the area, including Steele Park and the Oak Shores recreation area. The Pridmore’s also helped construct parts of the Berryessa Highlands development.

In addition to working as general contractors, Gil Pridmore and his brother Darryl are also certified erosion control consultants.

Pridmore Construction operates it’s own materials yard, selling gravel, rock and other construction products to locals. They employ more than 25 people, mostly local, said Pridmore.

The Pridmore’s also run a storage rental business for boats, RVs and other dry storage. At one point they owned a gas station/service center as well.

Volunteer fire chief Pridmore recently joined the fledgling Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce.

Training loves Videos

There are so many reasons to love videos for training. It’s fun, it’s easy and you can create a video quickly…. but for a GOOD video… you have to work. It is OK to make it look easy, in fact that is probably better because nobody wants to hear you whine about making videos for work (it was wet outside, the light was terrible, the talking head whispered…) so you will have to learn it all, and be satisfied. Videos on YouTube, as tutorials, and as system demos really help our group.

TIPS — Do this:

  1. Know the goal. Make a scripts, practice, time yourself. Know your audience, and ask for reviews before you publish.
  2. Make it short. 2-5 minute videos from your non-Pro camera or phone, or highlights of a system issue is plenty. Really. Get the message across, be succinct.
  3. Use an interesting but not distracting backdrop.
  4. Remember, you don’t have to BE in the video. You can describe the scene, or add focus to the message of the picture. Our most effective videos, show the screen movement & data entry.
  5. Training videos should start General and then get specific quickly. So should storytelling and family videos and so many other descriptive videos. Tell a story. Don’t wander through your topic.
  6. Watch many other videos in the genre you are gearing toward.
  7. Watch training videos and watch the experts “How To” videos.
  8. Get used to critiquing videos, this critical thought will help you do better.

References & Examples:

Quick Critique: Solar Winds an example:

  • Talking head videos about products and services don’t have much appeal. The videography and music are not compelling.
  • Selling on a video doesn’t work. It MUST offer value – think TED talks.
  • Are they excited about what they do? meh. Do I relate to them? no. Do they have a service I need? I don’t know. Hmm. I need to see where they can make a difference. I need to hear a particular problem this company solved, that I have had in my business.
  • Summary: Took awhile to download. Not enough value to me.