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Stress is NO JOKE!

This is from Deepak Chopra MD:

I don’t want to open the vast discussion of stress that now exists, except to make two limited points.

Stress isn’t good for you. The […]

4 Week Effort and Healthier Result

Have you already tried, An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Here are four weeks of great helpful hints from United Healthcare. The best tips to help you move toward a new healthier include these items:

Pick one thing to concentrate on… Try that for several days THEN add another. Ask a friend to […]

Get Moving! Walking Meetings!

TED Talks – Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk

There are many ways to GET MOVING, walking is just one. Standing Desks are another concept. Building more play into work is yet another way to enjoy life and get moving. Get Inspired – think outside the box.

Get Your Team Moving — this […]

Get UpBeat!!!

You can build energy in your team in so many ways!! Get happy, enjoy moving! Try out this great activity with your team!

LOCATION: THIS LOCATION HAS CLOSED :-=(Redwood City, CA 94063(650) 261-9188

WEBSITE: http://www.communitystreetjam.com/

Music is provided by live drummers! Bring your Energy! CLASS STARTS at 7:30! Be early, be happy, get Dancing!This is […]

Vera Quijano

Vera is an amazing person, a salsa and yoga instructor at Canada College, a community resource, she publishes a newsletter and she believes in colaboration. She has started a scholarship “VQ Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship Fund” at Canada for Arts, Dance, Music and she believes that one person can make a difference. In fact, […]