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Jobs and Health Care

The crisis about not having consistent portable health care is not a political debate. I know we are hearing a lot of “they did…” or “they won’t…” between Republicans and Democrats but the political squabbling is masking a bigger problem.


Yes, I know my nephew thinks its just nasty politics, and doesn’t want to […]

Happiest Companies, Engaged Workers

Are you ready to hear about the “Best” companies to work for? Before we get started, I would guess that tech companies have the most fun, and companies embroiled in legislation, regualation, lawsuits, including customer disatisfaction would score the lowest. The various lists have different criteria, and no list is perfect (think election polls! […]

New Work, How We are Changing!

You are…. a Worker of the future

Let’s look at the makeup of the U.S. workforce. One in every three Americans is a freelancer of some sort, according to a 2014 survey by Freelancers Union and Elance. This includes independent contractors, moonlighters, people working temporary or multiple jobs, and freelance business owners. Many expect this […]

Know the Pay Scale – Top Paid Tech CEOs

Have you ever wondered what the CEOs of large corporations such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle make? Here is #1: Virginia Rometty, CEO, president and chairman

IBM Salary: $1,500,000 Bonus: $3,600,000 Stock Awards: $12,460,409 Change in Pension Values: $1,402,725 Perks and Other Compensation: $381,991 TOTAL: $19,345,125

Stormwind is revealing not only their 8-figure […]

Wage Works – Benefits

Wage Works is a company that provides many services for employees. I have used their Health Savings and Benefits for years and I love their customer-focused service. They have a contact number, and I have never been disappointed, they always answer my questions and help me get the right action or service.

Besides the fairly […]

Layoffs, Layoffs, and more

After a brief respite, I am back to having a tantrum about layoffs.

The big NY banks are posting huge profits, the tie-men are getting another round of bonus payments and yet…..maybe they haven’t heard that this is very poor PR. it is nice that Citi is offering $100 for starting a new checking account […]