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Training – Destination Facilitation

The world may seem to be getting smaller and more familiar, but that doesn’t mean the same instructional techniques or training styles work everywhere. Organizations worldwide need talent development professionals who can design and deliver learning content that meets the needs of diverse workforces.

Your Global Training Adventure Awaits

“Imagine being more flexible and […]

30: Listening to the Not-So-Listless Elephant Brain

A new book by MONA LISA MOON!!

Mona Lisa Moon is an innovative, energetic blogger of style, life and being your own self, steps out with a Book! She is full of life and spontaneity and has accomplished this feat, rather than merely talking about it. Congratulations on your new decade, your enthusiasm for […]

Loree Draude Hirschman

Loree Draude has many accomplishments. She has made history and totaled up great “firsts”. As you might gather from the photo she is a pilot…. and not just any pilot but a NAVY PILOT. She has over 300 carrier landings. Most of the people I know are mastering parallel parking, so landing on a carrier […]

Doing What You Love & Unemployed Life

Imagine if…. you couldn’t do what you love. Many of us have found the right career, the perfect position or the Best Team. Sometimes layoffs and downsizing mean that you don’t get to do what you love. The book, Unemployed Life is about this process of getting back your life, job, hope.

Indiegogo is working […]