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CERT – Be Prepared for Disasters

FIRES – the worst in decades for Northern California. Next may be landslides and mudslides from the barren ridges. Are you ready?

Consider learning how to prepare with CERT.

How will CERT respond?

CERT trains people in disaster recovery. This essential life-saving training is FREE. It takes about 6 weeks – 1 […]

SM CERT saves lives, Teaches skills

Getting Ready for El Nino?

How will CERT respond? Please come to our first ever training on Sandbag Operations hosted by the City of San Mateo Public Works Department. This training will occur on October 17th, at 9am and will end around noon. The day will begin at the San Mateo Senior Center, located […]

Helping Kids COPE with Crisis

When local disasters or destructive weather events hit your town and scares your kids – you can help, and your school can use these tips too.

In general, be as calm as possible, use clear words and shorter sentences when communicating with a scared child. Your words are important, try to use less emotionally- charged […]

Emergency Response & Team Work

Want a fantastic learning experience for your team? It will give you something to talk about for weeks and a fire drill will never be this same in your office!!

CERT – Community Emergency Response Training!!

Take the classes – when I did it there were 6 night classes and one all day Saturday […]

Looking for an IMPORTANT Team Building Event?

So little time, so little money, right? Think about this: your team members are your most important resource. How much does your company invest in keeping them safe? How much time do they have to do this for their families? Genentech, a leader in bio-tech in the bay area is training all their employees in […]