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Practice Interviewing Answers using these Questions

Of course, you’ll work hard to build and interesting and accurate résumé. You don’t want to over-think your answers, but you must communicate quickly and clearly. A bit of practice helps your interview go smoothly.

Be ready for these 12 common questions during an interview.

What Is Your Greatest Strength? Know yourself, and make a […]

Combining AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

For those that love social media and are involved in the interplay of new ideas, there are several resources to learn more. Many groups are using all the tools available to create communications / marketing / white papers that are “on-point” and enticing to their customers and potential customers.

Getting the look and feel “just […]

Get Control of your Communication

A few easy steps and a few references with additional coaching:

If you tend to ramble, make an outline. When you are almost finished go through and delete 30%. Have a goal, a focus for what you want to say and what you want the listener to retain. If you have writer’s block, and […]

Eight Career Skills for 2016

The Ability to Manage a Diverse Environment – realizing the many motivations and communication preferences and outlooks of all our generations working. Knowledge of Other Cultures – tolerance, allowing ambiguity, making mistakes and learning new approaches. A Global Mindset – understanding and communicating in global markets. Effective Conflict Resolution – team focused, able to […]

Parenting Skills You Use at WORK

Conflict resoluntion, setting goals & priorities, project management, managing personalities, patience: There are a lot of ways parenting prepares you to succeed at work. You are a MASTER at managing competing interests! I have known some employers that would rather have a entire work group of 25 year old single folks… but why? Look at […]

Emoticons on FB

Will you do ANYTHING to communicate better? Try social media, twitter, and more? If you really want to get the WORD out, you will be involved in FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Imagine that! That is where your audience is…. so try it out.

This legend of emoticons, may make it more fun! Just […]

Why Values Driven Companies Deliver Better Shareholder Results

July 2012 – Mark Achler presents:

Yasha Saxena, 1871 team intern

This morning 1871 was lucky enough to have Mark Achler, Senior Vice President of New Business, Strategy, and Innovation of Redbox, come speak on the importance of integrating values into company culture. Starting off his early morning presentation with a round of heartwarming jokes, […]

Well That Is What She Said

Communication is so important, this joke is making the round in my email, and it reminds me … what is crystal clear to me is crystal clear to you…. but it is not what I wanted you to understand!

A Fun Activity to try! And take a look at the potatoes, while you are thinking […]

Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business

John Gray is publishing another book…. and just like all his books, he will have excellent research into the energy, faults, foibles that are part of our work. Check it out! He has a special offer to those that buy his book on Amazon, B&N or Indie! His letter with a link folows. – editor


Social Media – Talk to me!

Social Media Marketing University has a wealth of knowledge to send to you. They are great at training and helping us reach our customers. Thank you John Souza! Here is one of my favorite tip sheets, from the many they send out:

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